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I am vaguely frustrated with myself.

Okay, this is kind of untrue, I am really frustrated with myself, my lack of progress with a job, my lack of progress with anything and being hit with the proverbial stick of who's stopping me. Therapy this week feels like ridiculous overkill and while I know it's supposed to be helpful, I'm still annoyed for even needing it to begin with.

I'm also getting irritated with myself as a person and I want people not to deal with me because I feel like I might accidentally bite someone's head off or whining about how pathetic I have made my life. Same old, same old, really and I just have this needy itch of someone telling me I'm awesome or something ridiculous like that, be it RP times (god, it's affecting my RP pretendy times, what is this madness) or just in general. Which again makes me feel ridiculous for even asking. 

I want a life. I want to succeed in something and be meaningful. I feel I've lost all meaning and the only person who can get it back is myself but god I'm failing in that little aspect.

EDIT - I. I thought I disabled comments for this. Apparently I only selected don't email. A WINNER IS ME.

Tags: dear myself, earth to mars do you read me?, meh :/, now can i get an rp tag?, so not my day, this is a revelant post, weirdness


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