First off, I really admire your dedication at times. You've really surprised me so many times with your versatility and your ability to conquer any situation. I've enjoyed playing with and talking you no matter when or what it was. You're adorable and such fun to be around. It's wonderful to just let loose and talk to you.

I honestly feel when you don't gchat me at the beginning of your day that something is wrong with the world. Because I've become so used to you and your amazing random moments of the day, I don't want to imagine a day without them. Without fail, you bring a smile to my face because you're just that fantastical a person. You're literally a ray of sunshine and you brighten up my days just by being yourself and giving me a moment or two of your time.
I'M SORRY I GOT LAZY THIS WEEKEND I'll try and get around to the CFUDnetwork stuff before apps open.

You are really adorable. Reading your entries always strikes me as amusing because you keep a good balance between your life and what you enjoy. And I love how we share similar interests, especially in fandoms that are not well know and recognize. You are like a bundle of joy ♥
You are wonderful, witty, and unstinting (in many things! including) all things Dune- and golden -retriever related.

Yes, backwards instructions, I loved on you. Too late to stop me!

You are amazing. You really are. And I never stopped feeling bad for not meeting up with you last time but I had issues and feeling problems and so on, but that was all my fault and never yours. I think you're incredible the way you pursue things and I'll never stop being proud of having you as a friend.

I really feel sad that I'm no longer part of your casts. It's a startling thought and it gives me much grief because you are really awesome and understanding and you mail me things and think of me often and sometimes I wonder what I ever did to deserve you because you are literally the sweetest thing.
I like your focus! I know we don't talk much, but I like the way you detail your every day life and it feels really interesting to me, especially since now I lack every semblance of it. And you're such a quirky person by nature it's hard not to be amused by you. You're just that cool. ♥

You are amazing. You really, really are. And we click in such a delightful way that I just feel utterly at ease with you and I can switch topics without a second notice and you run with me all the way. And I love how much you trust and I cannot explain in words how much I trust and love and how many times you've taken my terrible and depressed moods and made them into brighter days. I don't want to imagine a day without you.

You are the light of my life. You really are. And what upsets you upsets me, so I try my best to kick you into not feeling that way because everything feels much better when you're happy and we're babbling together or just enjoying a simple moment together. So have that chin up because I love you and your happiness means the world to me.
I want to know where you find your gifs. Seriously.

You are so cool. You really are. You're so savvy and amazing and you're such a witty person by nature that sometimes I go "kyaaa I can't believe this person is my friend she's so amazing". Your posts are also the coolest things ever and I'm glad I subscribe to your newsletter of SUPERAWESOME.

I'm so glad I got to meet you in person and that was one of the best weeks of my life and ahh, I like how comfortable we are with each other and our interests and I feel so unbelievably lucky to know someone like you who is so smart and easy-going and just fun to be around all the time.

I don't think I have words to describe how much I need you. You're become such a regular part of my life that I can't imagine you not being around at all. You're funny and we can understand each other so well it's remarkable. My favourite grangran ever ♥
You are an incredibly cool person. It awes me. You do everything with such a great and unbelievable sense of humour that I get carried away with you every time. And you're such a sweet person, always commenting and giving me a thumbs up when I needed it. I'm so glad I got over my shyness and got you on my flist. Now all I want to do is get to know you better so that I have more and more reasons to adore you.

'Cause I am super late to this because reading my flist is sometimes not my strong suit, I just liked the idea of you waking up to read that you are a wonderful person who makes my days brighter ♥
I adore you. I love it when you shower me with attention or when you take time in the morning to say hi and you let me talk and babble at you during the night when I'm somewhat by myself with no one to talk to and that makes me so ridiculously happy and pleased and you mean so much to me that I can't put it in words. You make my life shine.