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I just sent a comment to ledgem and she was talking about the rough tinmes she had with her friends...

That made me think about my 'so-called friends'

Back in my old school, my friends refused to sit t\with and practically through me out of the theatre...

I don't think I ever got out of that. I then moved to a new school and made new friends. ... At my field trip, they snubbed me, called me names behind my back and dumped me behind. My whole class left me behind and went off for the swimming trip.

Now here's the prize-winning thing to make it complete.

When they came back, they ddin't even *realize* I wasn't there and didn't *even* check. Teachers included. I should hate them for that.

They apologized, but what are apologies, except empty words? I can't hate anyone. I've tried. Again and again. But I just can't hate them.

They still talk to me (at least once a semester) and they still like to believe we're greatest of friends... But I cut them up. I couldn't deal with it anymore...

... That sux, doesn't it?


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