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Took my stimulants! I don't know about energy, but I felt weird, the back of my head felt like I had a phantom itch which freaked me out and then I panicked over various people and didn't get any work done because I was too busy freaking out. Wonderful.

On the other hand, it hasn't been that bad a day. I am going to set a mini-goal!!! and try and friend people more and not freak out.

That icon just makes me think "if you can't enjoy alien go-go dancers in space, what CAN you enjoy?" I love my mom.

ALSO I'm always available for spewing out the nervous jitters that come with OVERCOMING THINGS THAT KIND OF INTIMIDATE YOU. Lord knows it's my turn to listen, with how many of my friends have had be my bathroom buddy and hear me freak about the cleanliness of public facilities 8'|
It's... pretty similar to the actual setting!

I know honey and I'm so lucky to have you around so I can spew out all my jitters and irrationalities at you ♥