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Took my stimulants! I don't know about energy, but I felt weird, the back of my head felt like I had a phantom itch which freaked me out and then I panicked over various people and didn't get any work done because I was too busy freaking out. Wonderful.

On the other hand, it hasn't been that bad a day. I am going to set a mini-goal!!! and try and friend people more and not freak out.

I'm not coherent enough to comment but you know I'm always here to listen and help even if I end up worrying more than actually helping. Like a winner.

Also I still think you're adorable and really cute.
I did freak out at you too. Thanks for listening though ♥

shhh. don't mock my insecurities.
It's good I can be a tiny bit useful sometimes. You're more than welcome, honey. You always put up with my ridiculous insecurities so it's only fair.

But they're cute and you mock mine too.