Unless it's non-drowsy, it'll help you get to sleep.

That, or a shot of whiskey or rum or something.
... i have a high alcohol tolerance. I could drink several shots and not feel sleepy sob.
Well damn.

I'm assuming you don't have any over the counter sleeping pills.
... we distract ourselves with something that isn't the pain that is our brains exploding. Like bad movies or something.

fffff honey definitely get some OTC sleeping pills while you're adjusting to these, because it probably isn't going to get any better for at least a few days (if not around a week+), and it will drive you fucking nuts. the earlier you get them, the less you will hate life. try to get someone to pick them up for you today. :(
I feel really bad that I don't have any good advice other than "drug yourself," but whenever I've had insomnia as a side effect from something I was taking it was pretty awful and I was in tears a lot and I imagine you are feeling pretty terrible. :[ if you have any anti-nausea stuff around like dimenhydrinate (I have no idea what the brand name would be where you are) that might help too for tonight, tbh it's generally not that different from what they put in most over-the-counter sleeping pills.
prrrobably a good idea. just make sure you figure out a backup plan when you're not this tired tomorrow in case you have the same problem, okay? I'm not trying to scare you or anything, just know that it will probably be more than one night hon. :( ♥

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... uh. insomnia. uh.

I really wouldn't be able to tell you. I usually get harassed into going to bed when I start to get incoherent. and then I lay there until I pass out at some point and wake up when my alarm goes off. fffffffffff

Definitely talk to a pharmacist about what you can take iluuuu