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My Mind Took Me For A Walk On The Beach

I took my feet for a walk
Or my feet took me for a walk
The sand shone on the beach
Or the beach shone on the sand
The crabs scuttled here and there
As the gulls were crying "Beware! Beware!"
As the waves danced to a tune
The sun went down and up came the moon!
AS the fish swam back hom
The frogs came out and danced alone
Then came the time for me to go home
As I reached, I noted the details
How unique the beach was, especially the seashells
How unique things can be
If you observe, very carefully.

This is a poem my father came back, from his trip to his ancestral home and my grandfather and this poem was written by me when I was... ten? twelve? less than that? And while it's not a mark of genius, it fills me with hope.

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