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My Christmas list! Full of expensive unimaginable things! But this is really just to make myself feel better. There was a whole excerpt thing I had to post but I forgot. /handwaves
  1. Star Trek XI - 3 Disc Blu-Ray Edition: have you seen the special features guys? :( They're so amazing.
  2. Paid time for Dean, Oz, Kirk, Merlin and [character x] at CFUD for a year: Well... whenever december sales are announced.
  3. Star Trek XI Novelization: I don't dislike Zachary Quinto's audiobook version, but it makes it hard to gleam info for it (and I keep. laughing)
  4. Supernatural Season Four boxset: This is... a given
  5. Pandora Hearts Odds and Ends artbook: It has Crimson Shell artwork too! I love the Crimson Shell peeps. Victoriaaaaaa.
  6. Love: Always the best gift to get.
man, I always feel a little shameful for posting this, but AS LONG AS NO ONE GOES THE EXTRA MILE (/o\) it shouldn't be a problem.
Oh god, I want that novelization. AND YOU KNOW YOU HAVE MY LOVE. I wish I could give you something else, too. ;; ♥
. . . I live in Mexico, honey. I can't buy books in English in my city unless I import them, and between the exchange rates and taxes? It'd be ridiculously expensive. Besides I need to select the most expensive shipment method because otherwise it'd get lost in the mail.
All books are in Spanish here, and actually, it's hard to find fiction novels outside a few best sellers or . . . Twilight. So yeah. MAYBE ONE DAY, there are a few books I want to order online if I ever get the money for it. Sorry if my explanation was annoying.