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God, it's only been a day and I miss my maid already ;; running the house is tiring.

Also, I've been watching TV stuff! Like Charmed which I think is totally the women's equivalent to Supernatural. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION FOR IT (also I would kill for SPN!fic written in Charmed verse or something. For THE LULZ). Another thing I've been rewatching is Buffy season three. Which is...interesting! And I was surprised how bad the lighting was. (things I notice). Merlin has been amazing (god, I love this season so muuuuuuuch) and I caught a bit of Dead Like Me which ... really surprised me! It was what I was expected it to be, but I liked it a lot more than I thought. I missed Battlestar Galactica reruns though boo (maybe I should just... get the boxsets) and I should catch up to The Big Bang Theory season three.


I miss SPN :(

This song has been my repeat for a while now. So I thought. Anyone has some choral music recs? I love choral music and it's great motivation to writ things. Also I want to rewatch Hunchback of Notre Dame... somehow.
Tags: dear myself, earth to mars do you read me?, geekery pokery, hee, ipimp, my opinionz, this is a revelant post

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