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God, it's only been a day and I miss my maid already ;; running the house is tiring.

Also, I've been watching TV stuff! Like Charmed which I think is totally the women's equivalent to Supernatural. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION FOR IT (also I would kill for SPN!fic written in Charmed verse or something. For THE LULZ). Another thing I've been rewatching is Buffy season three. Which is...interesting! And I was surprised how bad the lighting was. (things I notice). Merlin has been amazing (god, I love this season so muuuuuuuch) and I caught a bit of Dead Like Me which ... really surprised me! It was what I was expected it to be, but I liked it a lot more than I thought. I missed Battlestar Galactica reruns though boo (maybe I should just... get the boxsets) and I should catch up to The Big Bang Theory season three.


I miss SPN :(

This song has been my repeat for a while now. So I thought. Anyone has some choral music recs? I love choral music and it's great motivation to writ things. Also I want to rewatch Hunchback of Notre Dame... somehow.
I honestly was going to. Then my comp stopped working. I should try and download it again. DO YOU HAVE LINKS?
Charmed was a very entertaining show in its own way, apart from being set in a San Francisco that miraculously had no gay people.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer did often have terrible lighting, very murky.
Oh, I'm enjoying it! It's first season and I await John Cho's appearance eagerly. And it just reminds me a lot of SPN except less dark and more...females. IT'S LIKE REVERSED!!!

Yeah, and the thing is, half the people who worked on that show went onto SPN to continue... terrible lighting.
The latest season of Merlin has been rocking my socks off SO HARD. Oh man, my friend wants us to marathon Battlestar Galactica when I get back home. I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW HOW WE'RE GOING TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. Haha, I need to catch up on Big Bang Theory, too! I started watching it earlier this year but then... stopped. Stupid school 8(

YOU MUST REWATCH HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. It is amazing and guhhh. I also kind of want to rewatch the sequel even though I know it's horrible but. Yes.
I never watched Charmed or Buffy. :x But I seriously adore Dead Like Me, it was fun to watch.

How was your day? I hope you got a bit of rest, honey. ♥
... Shinn beat me to what I was going to say. BUT YES. APP BSG :DDDDDD
HAHAHA OH GOD CHARMED it gets so bad later but it's so funny to watch in a totally trashy way

Also I have totally stolen Cole for my own goddamn original fic because he deserves so much better than what he gets.
Charmed is only good for three to four seasons, then it's all downhill.
I hate this season of Merlin. I want them to leave Morgana alone, abandon the silly, never previously developed Arthur/Gwen and build on making Arthur a better king. I wouldn't mind if they defied all and threw in slash, but I'm not angling for it.
Dead Like Me was...odd. I kinda liked it and kinda didn't. I couldn't actually tell. They're making movie of it now.
I still haven't watched Battlestar Galactica.

So I haven't spoken to you for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. I hated this semester. I'm in finals week now and I have noooo motivation to do my papers. So how is life going for you? <3
Pretty decent! I need to do more things, but other than that, life has been treating me fine. And I rather like this season, but Gwen and Morgana do need more time to be fleshed out, I agree. But Morgana had to become... well. Morgana!