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I love doing things for people. In any way. It really makes my day even if I don't get anything to show for it.
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Haha, I totally feel that way, too. it is why I like Christmas, as a holiday

I'm trying to do things without being bogged down by the fact I'm totally broke. And it's good!
Yeah, I definitely don't think money is a requirement for doing nice things for people ^____^
I can't do a lot of things for people, but I hope that what little I can do will be enough to show how much I love them.

So in a way, I completely understand that. Gosh, I keep spamming you, but. ♥
Thank you. It made my day, too ♥.

(Which is saying something, because I am working today on Christmas eve from 8 AM which is why I'm even awake at 6-bloody-AM and I am NOT HAPPY about being awake but. That just made it worth it ♥.)
You get love, of course. ♥

I hope my email got through last night.
Your letter made me so happy yesterday. Really. It made me so ridiculously loved and proud to be your friend. ♥♥♥