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and in my second rewatch of devil in the dark...

First watch of The Conscience of the King

Me: Gosh. The drama! poor Jim! Riley! OMFG IT'S A GENOCIDE!! wow Spock is gay.

Second watch of The Conscience of the King

Me: ... Spock are you rifling through Jim's underwear drawer GOD WHY ARE YOU SO GAY.

I notice the important things. Anyway, ordered the shiny 3 disc Star Trek movie set for my birthday! Also with the Blu-ray edition of 9! All in all, not bad.
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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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