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Way down upon the Swanee River...

First disc of season three of Charmed! Which begins with Cole! And god, Prue isn't a drama whore this season. EVEN BETTER.

-I like how it's more fourth-wall than most shows (SPN only got really fourth-wall much much later). Like how they get sick of timetravelling after a while. That cracked me up.
-Cole. I swear, he makes this show for me. Every time he's on screen, I want to squeal. I may have crushed on him heavily during the preteen years too. It's Julian MacMahon how could you not. I should check out his later stuff.
-Leo bores me. Intensely. I like his puppy dog look though! But seriously. Totally boring.
-Everything improved this season! Dialogue, plots, interactions!
-Still. The fairy episode was. Special. Funny! .. Special.

Doing a lot of writing this month. Hopefully, I'm gonna get things published and moving. I'm kinda rejuvenated and motivated for it! And one part just slightly down in the dumps, but I think everyone's aware of my ~RP woes~, so I'm just gonna pass on that. I'm expecting big things for myself this year. But I guess I should be careful  with the pressure. I have enough from the parents, supportive and loving as they are. I shouldn't make it worse for myself either.

Singing The Old Folks at Home to myself. One of my favourite songs. All the world is sad and dreary~ everywhere I roam~ Oh, darkies how my heart grows weary~ far at the old folks at home.

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