water seeping


Cole - I'm evil!
Phoebe - I'm derpy!
Cole - I'm in love. THIS IS BAD NEWS.
Phoebe  - Me too! Someone page me about the bad news.
Cole - [kills them all]
Phoebe - kyaa the man of my dreams!!

Okay, I may be ... unduly invested in this goddamn show.
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Skip season one. It was atrocious. Season Two was... better! Kinda weird, but better. Season three is my favourite because Cole ♥!!
Oh, I know. I HATED SEASON ONE. ( I am also glad that spoilers spoilers died )
HAHAHAA We're like that too. My father and brother keep watching and every time it's a new episode they're like


and I'm like. No. Not yet. GO AWAY.
YEAH, I KNOW. I spent most of the seasons waiting for spoilers spoilers to die.

I ALSO LOVED THE NEW CHARMED GIRL. I forgot her name. Was it Paige?
I didn't like the recurring cast at the time uhh ANDY. And the thing with their dad felt really quick and over. AND PRU'S STUFF.

sob idk I have issues with season one.
I'm that weird person whose favorite character was Pru.

And Leo. I loved Leo.

I didn't like the new third sister, though.
Ahh. I'm liking her more season three! ... which is... kinda ironic. I didn't like her much in season one.

Leoooooo with his puppy dog eyes. He's growing on me.

YEAH I LOVED PAIGE. I can admit that freely.
... Haha, it is. But yeah, she was my favorite. xD I liked all the original three, though, it's just that I liked that one the most. The others were close, though!

And Leo. Who's adorable.

I only watched a little with Paige. I ADMIT THIS IS SLIGHT ACTRESS BIAS since I'm not a huge fan of the actress.

Man, now I kind of wanna rewatch.

[sleeps on top of Dean]

I like the original three too! I like their dynamic. It's sad though. Shannen Doherty had to get written out of the show due to producer-problems. My dad says she's considered to be one of the most difficult people to work with in showbiz. (MY DAD THE INSIDER)

He's ... such a puppy. I like the bit where he's trying to adjust to the NORMAL world and he fails because he's oldfashioned and HE HAS TO PAY THE LUNCHBILL :(

I don't know her actress that well, but I liked her episodes and she was interesting in her own right.
I loved Cole so much when I used to watch this in college. To this day, whenever my boyfriend watches Nip/Tuck, I yell COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!!! Every time Julian McMahon appears onscreen XD;;
To this day, I refer to Julian McMahon as "the guy who played Cole".