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-I just discovered that if you have a data disc with avi files, you can play it on your PS3! THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE. I can watch my stuff on a TV show! I am getting a kick out of it.
-So I've been rewatching stuff! Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihehito, Tin Man, etc etc. It feels good to go back to it.
-Going to do this writing thing every day now. Wish me luck. Also, there's a childcare that's opened close to my place. I'm hoping to call in for jobs! Productivity!!
-I made brownies!
-I deeply miss SPN, man. I am counting down the days happily.
-Tokage updated to enough chapters for me to get a better sense of her character. Most of my hunches earlier were right! The other half was LOL WHOOPS /o\
-Found some more TOS bloopers on the internet ahh I love the TOS crew so much.
-I got more stuff on my birthday than what I was expecting! Rose got me these adorable Trek-phonestrap, soap and chocolate from Dante, adorable earrings from Rosalyn and much more. It really made my day. I show them off to my family, much to their chagrin.
-I feel like writing fanfic, but I think I need prompts. Might do that later.
-I've realized how different my watching/reading trends have gone. Before I was one of the anime/manga fans who loved watching, now I watch a lot more TV and real-life media than I ever did. It's ...weird! My brother is more of an anime fan than me now. Huh.
-Okay, I read a description of Lie To Me and I want to be on that like lightning. Just the quotes look fucking awesome.

I love this gif.
. . . I need to go read those Tokage chapters now.

I tend to watch a bit of everything? But it's funny how it tends to change, yeah. ♥ What's Lie to Me about?
Ruiz: Where's your pet convict?
Burke: I left him in the car with the windows cracked.