Okay... not totally true. I suspected most of my "D:" moments in advance. Though the deleted scenes :((

You have no idea how bitter I am that those scenes were deleted. And that they got rid of like half the fucking script. ALL THAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, LOST!
I don't blame you for being bitter. Because I liked the film but I was like ... there's so much it's missing and I couldn't really put my finger on it. I just had this reaction where I was like THIS IS GOOD WHY IS IT FALLING SHORT OF BEING PERFECT :(

I was honestly expecting some character development from The Machine as well because of the deleted scenes and the fact that it was a thinking machine. I just. POTENTIAL.
ME TOO. I mean, I'd seen the short, but I really didn't think they'd go that route for the feature film -_-
...Although the little green microbes give me horrible mental images of amoebas forming with 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8's faces on them and 1 being horribly disapproving about all this. BUT STILL ;__;
Stiiiiitchpuuuuunk ;;

I am really interested in where Shane Acker is going to go with his work now, because while there were glaring flaws of execution in 9, the aesthetic and concepts of the film were so compelling, guh. ♥
I knew I wanted it like burning as soon as I saw the original short. 8D And a lot of aspects were exactly what I expected! I just think that yeah, they could've built up the characters more, and done more with the Machine - I was honestly expecting them all to get swallowed into the Machine to be its "soul" as per the foreshadowing of the machine being the mind and the stitchpunks being the soul, and felt really thrown off when they switched to the short's ending instead. But still! Lack of follow-through on some aspects doesn't mean it didn't hit every ping I possess like a sledgehammer.
oh pfffffffffft that was the other thing i wanted to grab from you I R CLEVEER