Not to threadjack, but I'm SO HAPPY TO SEE SOMEONE ELSE FEELS THAT WAY, TOO XD Except I keep calling it a pilot for a longer series. I tend to feel that everyone was a bit too in love with the funeral scene from the original short to let go of it, and that KILLING OFF OVER HALF THE MAIN CAST was unneeded, especially after all the comments by Shane in interviews about how they're only a whole person when they work together and yet they're never alive onscreen all together and this makes me D: a lot.

And your 7 brings me GREAT JOY. I hope you get more than the twins (unless you have, as I've been too topped by PhD to stalk CFUD or CFO these days). And I want to read an app for 1 so badly XD
It's also because I'm eating a blueberry muffin, and when I'm eating, I brain even worse than I normally do XD
I don't mind killing off so many near the end, but maybe that's because my favorites got to live, haha. What I do mind is we only get a few minutes with characters like 2 and 6 before they die, and I love 2 and 6 and would have adored more time with them.

Did you see the deleted scene of the funeral? So much better.

Haha, while our 7 is indeed wonderful, I don't play her. I play 3! And I do long for more castmates. We had a 9 in the beta post a while ago, but they never apped, and that made me sad.
...I wonder if anyone on the developmental staff realised they were effectively dooming 5 to be the fandom woobie after a death like that!

Oh, yes. The deleted scenes in general are so much stronger than what made it into the final film...Have you come across that screenplay that was making the rounds on the forum? I love the fact 2 is made of a shoe. I can't believe I never noticed it on my own XD
...Then again, 6's fingers never registered to me, either. Until after I left the cinema and went OMG THAT IS SO COOL

I'm sorry about that! But you and 4 are likewise superb! I need to stalk your threads when I have more time. I've only read the playing-in-the-snow-thread, which made me melt from cute.
I'd give it a shot if I had more spare time, but I think the most I'm capable of right now are turning my doll-making abilities to making stitchpunks, which I will photograph and spam CFO with if I ever get them done XD
Haha, he is very popular, isn't he? I feel like I missed something with the whole 5 boat.

No, I left the forum after getting increasingly frustrated with people there and being reminded of why I no longer go to forums, haha. But I have a fic I'm halfway done writing, so I need to check and make sure no one else has a similar idea so it doesn't look like I'm stepping on anybody's toes.

We don't play much, we need to do that more. We have a getting-stuck-in-the-dryer-and-then-static-shocking-everyone post planned, though.

Well, if you know anyone interested, send them our way!
Yeah, I love his relationship with 2 (PLATONIC, PLEASE XDD), but his popularity distresses me XD;

I have it downloaded, if you'd like it! It is, as far as I know, the real thing, and it includes the deleted scenes before the DVD was released anywhere, as well.
Yeah, I used to lurk there, looking for information, and occasionally I look at the news section, but I totally hear you.

...............That is ridiculously adorable.

Will do! I'm sure I can dust off my "YOU NEED TO APP [character] INTO CFUD NOW" pants!
I'm kind of distressed by stitchpunk-shipping in general. Well, I mean I ship 7/9 in the "okay they're really adorable and have this cute stitchpunk family thing going on" but fandom always takes it one step too far and goes NOW STITCHPUNK SEX! and I'm sitting there going TOO FAR, TOO FAR, ABANDON SHIP

Sure, that would be awesome!

Yes well, that's sort of what the twins are there for. Being adorable.

Yeah. I just. It is more than possible to write close relationships, perhaps even romances, without sex. There's so much to be explored with these characters but instead people try to rationalize these little metal and cloth dolls having sex, which... isn't rational at all.

Thank you!