Haha, he is very popular, isn't he? I feel like I missed something with the whole 5 boat.

No, I left the forum after getting increasingly frustrated with people there and being reminded of why I no longer go to forums, haha. But I have a fic I'm halfway done writing, so I need to check and make sure no one else has a similar idea so it doesn't look like I'm stepping on anybody's toes.

We don't play much, we need to do that more. We have a getting-stuck-in-the-dryer-and-then-static-shocking-everyone post planned, though.

Well, if you know anyone interested, send them our way!
Yeah, I love his relationship with 2 (PLATONIC, PLEASE XDD), but his popularity distresses me XD;

I have it downloaded, if you'd like it! It is, as far as I know, the real thing, and it includes the deleted scenes before the DVD was released anywhere, as well.
Yeah, I used to lurk there, looking for information, and occasionally I look at the news section, but I totally hear you.

...............That is ridiculously adorable.

Will do! I'm sure I can dust off my "YOU NEED TO APP [character] INTO CFUD NOW" pants!
I'm kind of distressed by stitchpunk-shipping in general. Well, I mean I ship 7/9 in the "okay they're really adorable and have this cute stitchpunk family thing going on" but fandom always takes it one step too far and goes NOW STITCHPUNK SEX! and I'm sitting there going TOO FAR, TOO FAR, ABANDON SHIP

Sure, that would be awesome!

Yes well, that's sort of what the twins are there for. Being adorable.

Yeah. I just. It is more than possible to write close relationships, perhaps even romances, without sex. There's so much to be explored with these characters but instead people try to rationalize these little metal and cloth dolls having sex, which... isn't rational at all.

Thank you!