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the answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind~

I stole this but it's so cute I felt I had to share.

1. Makes you smile
2. Is super smart and makes you think
3. Has awesome taste in music
4. Who you have met/want to meet in RL
5. You have a sort of crush on
6. Writes stories you love
7. You think is super pretty (inside or out)
8. Is totally fun
9. You trust with your secrets
10. Is your brain twin

My answers are here.
1. Lauren, Kaza-kitty andddd a whole bunch of people really.
2. Grangran is always super smart to me. So is AJ and Sian and of course Roxas-son is a genius
3. Katy
4. I met... quite a few people. But I want to meet everyone hands down.
5. Liz lalala LIKE NOBODY KNEW.
6. Chashi ♥!
7. Everyone. I really believe that.
8. Again, everyone! I love all the people I've met and they all bring an amount of fun and joy into my life. Special mention for Harley because she goes out of her way of making me feel happy.
9. Liz and Lauren get special mentions. Oh, and Sian has always been there for me.
10. Miho - no matter how far apart we are, I still believe this.
1. mikomichan
2. boxlawyer
3. hydr0phobia and katmaxwell
4. auuuugh too many to naaaaaame but bromantic is so high on that list it's not even funny.
5. ...:x
6. bromantic... I'm not pandering because it's her journal... I've pretty much only read some of her stuff :x
7. EVERYONE?!? But I haven't seen pictures of everyone. So off the top of my head, mikomichan and perfectdays are hot mamas.
8. ALSO EVERYONE because I can't think of any one person.
9. bromantic and hydr0phobia and vaudevillainy among others ♥
10. Get outta there
1. Everyone I know can make me smile one way or another, it's completely true.
2. Lynx, Nina, Angie, Noir, Alison and . . . okay, you know what? Half of my flist, I can't really put everyone I want here.
3. A lot of people really, but I tend to like almost everything Nina likes.
4. I've met Nina, Angie, Tati and Nori? I think I didn't forget anyone, but I do want to meet everyone. Especially Ayesha and Hikaru, it's one of those things I have to do no matter what. It's very important to me.
5. . . . I'm obvious enough. Ayesha is the love of my life.
6. Nina, Ayesha, Haru
7. Nearly everyone I know?
8. A lot of people! My daughter, Arcadia and Sylar get special mentions.
9. Ayesha, but also Dani and Sha and a few others. It's thanks to Hikaru that I'm alive today and I don't know if she even knows. I owe her so much.
10. Hmm. I'm not sure about this, it's more probable that I don't have one. Based on the fact our personalities are extremely alike? Then it would Sha, and that's why I love her deeply.

Okay after that HTML fail, I'll try to sleep again.

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