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[Kid] Whose mommy are you?
[Me] ... No one's yet!

- Basically volunteer work! It was good and fun and I get to leave whenever I want. On the minus side, no income though.

- There are still crazy parents though.

- checkking  get! Ahh playing another crazy blond on the internet!!

- I feel like my inner zen has reasserted myself. Despite getting up at 6 in the morning today, I feel positive! Pumped!

- Man I had a whole bunch of stuff to talk about but I forgot now :( 
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Ooh, volunteer work. That should be good, you get experience and stuff to do.

Man I can't even lie, I feel better on days I get up earlier.
Volunteer work is great, I knew you would be fine honey. ♥

The last part happens to me way too often. ;;