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Jim Kirk spends his entire life hanging from things!

Man, you know what I really love lately? Playing Jim Kirk. I feel like my world sort of lights up when I play motherfucking Jim Kirk of the motherfucking Starship Enterprise. I've been watching some more TNG and Voyager here and there (I... still have these odd lingering distate for Perrin that I cannot overcome. I just. I love Amanda okay). But really all I've been doing is saving gifs and looking through interviews (and the commentary! god guys I love the Trek commentary).

I also watched the pilot for Gossip Girl. ... I don't think it was for me, which is disheartening because I have a deep crush on Chace Crawford. So I switched to Cybersix! Which is an amazing, amazing cartoon show and everyone should watch it if they love genderbending. I love genderbending. It's my own true weakness.

I went back to watching Children of Dune. My heart still sort of... stops towards the end. Also, I have to give Alia's actress props for her bits at the end because those were perfect and Alia is such a tricky character to pin down.

Now to decide on two terrible decisions... Just My Luck or Princess Diaries 2?
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What is Just My Luck about anyway?

YOU DO SUCH AN AMAZING JOB WITH KIRK IT MAKES ME GLAD. And now I'm going to do that thing.
It's about Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine and ...luck. IDK. I just know it's bad.

The commentary is hilarious. It's mainly JJ, Orci and Kurtzman, but it has amazing random facts and the oggling of Chris Pine's nose. I might compile some of my quotes for later. I put some here as well.

The pilot of Gossip Girl turns everyone off. At leaaaaaaast get to around episode three before you decide.
Cybersix!!! My own watching of it when it was on air was kind of spotty at best, but I really enjoyed that show ;o;
Very late to the party but HELL YES, CYBERSIX. I think I was doomed the minute I started watching it at... 11 years old, I think, and just accepted the genderbending as a normal part of life.

Also, Princess Diaries 2 rocks my socks. Not as much as the first one, BUT STILL.
Cybersix! I have been told to watch it. GENDERBENDING FUCK YEAH

hahahahAHAHA I have/had/have (depends on mood) the exact same problem with Perrin, for the exact same reason. --If you've seen Perrin, I take it you've watched TNG's Sarek, and that amazing bit Patrick Stewart does? Fuck yeah.

Which VOY eps have you watched?
IT'S GOOD you'll like it.

Yeah, I saw that. I just. I don't get why Sarek remarried. I don't get this deep love for Perrin! And Amanda isn't mentioned AT ALL. It made me grumble.

Uhh Measure of a Man, the Klingon-Riker ep, the ones with Deanna's mom...