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I am recovering! Slowly. So slowly. Also man, my flist explodes when I'm gone for a day. And I'm not checking DW.

- I have bad viral fever. Like superbad, you guys. I have a headache 24/7 and nothing works! But it's ...not as painful as it used to be.

- I rewatched Sailor Moon S (my favourite arc, barring Stars) and Sailor Moon R the movie. I found both to be very enjoyable and my gay crush on Haruka remains strong.

- I still haven't watched the finale for Being Human. Curse being sick!!

- I wish Being Human fans were a little nicer to their girls. I mean. In Supernatural, I get it. It's bad, but I get it. But ranting about female leads in Being Human? I don't get it. Also Nina is not a replacement for Annie and never will be

- I finished my rewatch on Avatar as well! (notice what I've been doing with my time?) and there's only one thing I want to say.

Is there an AMV of Avatar and the Macarena? Seriously, I want this like burning.

- I miss Supernatural :( Maybe I'll rewatch that next...
I found both to be very enjoyable and my gay crush on Haruka remains strong.

I should rewatch Sailor Moon. Sadly all my tapes are too old and no longer work. D|

Hope you're in better health soon!
Sorry to hear you've been sick D: Glad you're feeling better-ish now ♥
Hope you feel better soon!! ♥

But at least you're actually watching things. My list of things to watch is just... sitting there. Uselessly.

I'm glad you're feeling better, but take it easy and relax and watch more stuff! ♥
. . . Nina isn't a replacement for Annie. Agh. I hate fandom forever, I'm going to pretend I didn't read that. Watch the finale as soon as you start feeling better okay?

I used to crush on Michiru, but Haruka yeah. Now I want to rewatch Sailor Moon.

FEEL BETTER HONEY. I've been so worried, I hope the headaches stop soon. Take it easy and don't worry about anything. s-sob I miss you but TAKE CARE AND RECOVER, I love you a lot honey.
Glad you're feeling at least a little better. ilu feel betterer soon ♥
*Pounces on and rolls* GET BETTER SOON, did the doctors say to take anything for that headache? D: