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Why, why, whhhhhhhy did you cut this Toby Whithouse. This was genius.

God, if they had just left those titles in, it would have been perfect. Perfect. Knocked off that slipshoddy episode of three weeks later and it would have worked beautifully.

I'm mostly annoyed that cutting out these title sequences means cutting out what would have made sense for the rest of the episode. Amy McBride. Lee Tully. (oh god, the titles would give so much meaning to Tully, Tully who ruined George's life, Tully who was all alone, if these titles were still there I would have cried.)

Tully - If your cure works, I'll take you there myself. Christ, I'll make the damn tea while you talk to him. Can you imagine how that feels? And what it would be like to take it away again? But if this doesn't work,if I... Then you'll never find him. You'll never get to hurt him.

And it's amazing how the events of season one sort of lead to the events of season two. Whhhhhy did you cut those titles Toby Whithouse :(.

Beyond that, the episode was good. It didn't feel like a finale episode because of the three month(20minute) gap which I felt detracted the strong feelings behind it as a whole. (I think it would have been better if Kemp attacked Mitchell and George as they were walking away and then Annie attacked him.)

One of the fan concerns were that they would spend much of the next season without Annie. Despite how Annie went (b-bawwww that was. That was painful), I don't think Annie is gonna sit on the other side and twiddle her thumbs (god, I want Annie to lead the other side revolt with Gilbert and... I guess Saul too).

Lucy was amazing. Nina was amazing. Ahhh I love the female characters in this show, all of them. They're so badass. And George and Mitchell were as usual, suitably gay.

Ugh, Kemp. I'm not sure how I feel about Kemp. I mean, Kemp was a bitter scientist whose family was slaughtered by vampires, Kemp was (sob, rewatching this and I just saw him with the mug) crushing on Lucy, Kemp who suddenly becomes... bloodthirsty in the end? I mean, I get the death he does to exorcise Annie but towards the end... he became unrecognizable to me.

Mitchell and Lucy's conversation was gold though. And George with "I can't be your confessor. I need you too much."
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