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- I have switched therapists! Kinda. I'm now trying this new thing at a place called Bio Residences which is basically me lying down a lot while people go clackclackclack with their instruments. Apparently, it's electroshock therapy... but like. You don't feel any shocks. I don't even know anymore, man, therapy just keeps sucking money from me.

- I got HeartGold! (me, succumb to peer pressure? NEVER) and really I could have succinct thoughts but it's Pokemon, guys. My deep thoughts really range from FFFF that gym leader to Mom, please stop calling me and please stop spending my money, do I have to suspend my account from you :(

- tsunbyknight  get! With unexpected castmates! And I'm enjoying everything about hiiiiiiiim, his icons, his threads, his everythinggggggggg god, tsunderes are really made for me guys. It's also helping me get back my RP groove because for a while I was like, "Threads. Pick up. Threads. Cry". I wasn't feeling it! But now I'm feeling it.

- Someone app me some motherfucking Trek cast at CFUD. I don't care which of the many, many various canons you app from, JUST DO IT.

- Writing is coming along, albeit slowly, but I'm not discouraged!! I have a few ideas bouncing around and while I work on my main piece, I'm trying to do side-story/headcanon as I go along and it's helping a lot.

- I. I like totally derped out on the kissing meme. I will try to get back to it!! But I just realized that kissing fic =/= me is not a good combo.

- However, a meme I will not derp out on is a ~love meme~. Comment here and I will tell you how much I love youuuu. If you feel it's not satisfactory, I will attempt to show you via stick figures.

- Supernatural tomorrow. I think I might only watch it if poor_choices  is online and willing to hold me close.

- One of my turtles won't eat properly. I'm a little worried.

- The thunderstorms in this country is going to give me a heartattack, I swear.
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Star Treeeeeek.

Also can I comment to tell you ilu instead? :3

Also, no you can't, that's cheating--I mean. You are adorable. You are really sweet and cute and I get this urge to sort of ruffle your hair whenever we talk. And I always enjoy our time together ♥
You are one of the kindest people I know. You've always taken some time to talk to me and check up on me and it cheers me up to no end. ♥ You're ridiculously supportive and fun and just easy to talk to about anything and I feel so comfortable when I'm with you because everything feels better when you're around ♥
At first I thought you meant "bio resonance" which was a thing we tried once to help me get rid of stress. It was ... strange, to say the least. Not sure how to feel about kind-of-electroshock therapy, but I guess if it doesn't hurt? :x

... Wait. By "unexpected castmates" do you mean you guys ninjaed each other?
I dunno if it's called that. They called it electrotherapy.

WELL. I sort of topped AJ into it, but I didn't think she would actually DO IT. And Serph wasn't meant to app Himeno this round, but the next one.
If it works it works but if you can't feel anything that feels like it should be doing something then maybe you should try and look up whether it is an actual thing or not? Cause there are a lot of things out there that claim to do things but which really don't do anything but suck money from people.

Also yay heartgold :D Pokemon has taken over almost everyone I know XD
Oh, my parents have been going there for a while. It does work. I'm just. Tired of therapy, man. One after the otherrrrrrrr.

Hahahah yeah. I was supposed to get my PSP but I settled for Pokemon instead.

... I am joking, obviously.
Also, now I have that SONG stuck in my head! D8

Captain. Jean-Luc Picard. USS. ENTERPRISE. Captain. Jean-Luc Picard. USS. ENTERPRISE.
We should Pokebattle sometime across the internets. What a world we live in!

Oh gosh, yes we could. I keep forgetting we can do that. REMEMBER THE DAYS OF THE LINK CABLE?

Meeting you was the highlight of my week and we're so similar and we can talk about anything and not feel uncomfortable and awkward and it's perfect ♥. I just can't get over that and I will never not be grateful for it. I think you're my AU twin from across the sea ♥♥
I hope the new therapy works better for you, honey. ♥

I miss playing Pokemon gameees.

Don't worry about that meme. IT'S OKAY IF IT DIDN'T WORK OUT.

. . . OH RIGHT, I want love. BUT I LOVE YOU A LOT, and you're amazing and I just woke up, but I can love on you a little if I want to.
You are a better person than what you tell yourself to be. I've seen you pull yourself up when things get tough and keep your principles, and I really admire that strength in you, something which not everyone has ♥ And you've always been willing to listen to me rant or talk or do whatever and you've always been ridiculously supportive of me, something I feel I do take for granted sometimes, but I do appreciate it nevetheless.

Also, I love you ♥
\o/ Well, she's getting me berries and I use berries a lot :x.

I STILL HAVE TO GET THERE sob Olivine gym leader.
You are so sweet. So sweet. Never underestimate that part of yourself. You've always given me so much time and attention and you are just. Such a good person it astounds me. ♥
You are brilliant. You really have this amazing ability to just. Be wonderful at whatever you want! And you're such a joy to talk to about almost anything and sometimes, I feel shy but I'm a dork like that. FULLSTOP YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

I HOPE ALL GOES WELL also this is the best last minute app venture ever

You are such a warm person. I feel so uplifted when I talk to you or spend time with you because you care such a great deal and you're fun and enjoyable and so many wonderful things, so many, and every minute I spend with you, I just feel utterly glad that I have gotten to know you better, to share things with you, to just talk casually and not feel dumb about it because it is a joy to know you. ♥
[apps Q just to have him complain about how much more fun Jean-Luc is]


♥ You are a supercool RPer. Seriously, the characters you play are just ahh ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I could go on and on about them and you playing them and you are just fab, my dear.