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- I'm starting to loathe my weekends with their ridiculously long classes and exams. Luckily I only have three more modules to go. Still, it wears me down because weekends is when everything happens and I'm just not around for them anymore.

- Beat the Elite Four and slowly powering my way through the gyms. I'm still kinda upset over a trade I did which wasn't the most sensible one, but eh. I'll live. I miss my Tyranitaur a lot though :( Also my Charizard is stronger than my Feraligatr. W-Win.

- I think, probably after Loveless Weekend, I'm gonna not play Dean for a while ( I WILL LAST TEN SECONDS INTO THIS BUT ). I need to take a break from him. I feel I'm getting to the point that everything I say is starting to sound like drivel and it frustrates me.

- A friend of mine is here for a few days! We watched Being Human and talked a bit. We both agreed Mitchell in the pilot was hotter. :)

- My kids graduate next week. I am of many minds about this.

- Must get back into writing full swing.

- Business Law this week. At this rate, I'll be so multi-educated, I won't even remember what I've been educated about.

- I have an mp3 player again! God I missed having one.

- And because I didn't do this and I missed a lot of love memes: Comment here and let me love you.
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Man, you would think that being alike would make us LESS CLOSE, but it doesn't and I'm superglad for it because it's so easy to unwind and say uncool things and not be judged and whatnot! And you've always been a strong pillar of support and kindness that I honestly wonder sometimes, what did I do to deserve you, but in the end I'm just glad that you're always there ♥

I'll love on you once I get proper sleep, but I love you forever and ever.
It's only for two more months anyway?

DON'T YOU GET ENOUGH LOVE FROM ME--Okay, first off, I know I am ridiculously hard on you at times. But I really do see potential and I see how great and wonderful of a person you can be and I just love those moments when you simply embrace that and enjoy yourself, because nothing in the world makes me happy like the way you're happy for yourself, it sort of propels me higher in extreme spirit of corniness. And you always listen, and enjoy the same things I do and support me in ridiculous and the good, so honestly, I think I am extremely grateful that you're you and that I have you ♥
Two months is too far awaaay, but yeah that's good. ♥ In related news, honey I think you went to bed like 10 minutes before I woke up, that made me sad.

DON'T LOVE ON ME THEN!!! Okay, seriously honey, I wouldn't have it any other way. I know I can be extremely hard to deal with in the first place, but you always support me and listen even in my worst moments and . . . that means the world to me. Nothing makes me happier than us spending time together, it makes me ridiculously happy when we're happy and just talking about everything and feeling like you're happy with me is the most wonderful feeling in the world. There's nothing I love more than those moments and I want to work towards becoming a person who can stand up on their own and maybe one day I will start to gain that self-confidence I lost along the way in my life. You make me believe I can be better and even now, I can believe a little that I'm a good person who only needs to do more and that's what matter, I think. You truly make me believe in myself and I have no words to say how important that is to me, because it's such a rare thing in my life. You're so wonderful and it doesn't matter how distracted you are or what you're doing, I want to be around for you and enjoy things with you as long as you'll have me. One day, I want to meet you in person and I'm sure I'll be completely shy and ridiculous for a while, but I'm sure that meeting you will be one of the happiest days of my life. Your comment made me ridiculously happy and I wish I could talk to you RIGHT NOW because god, you're such a wonderful and an amazing person and I'm also very grateful I have you. You know how much I love you, how important and how much you mean to me, but it bears repeating. I love you with all my heart, honey.
Man the last time I played my Pokemon game was to fight the red Gyrados. Which I then accidentally killed. So I turned it off without saving. So effectively I got nowhere.

Not success.
Yeah I was stuck on the Elite Four for a while because I was too lazy to level up :(.

You are one of the rare people I know where I can talk about everything. And it doesn't have to be relevant or important, it can just be something that happened, or something random and we can talk about it forever and it's not easy to do with everyone! And it just says so much about how comfortable we are with each other and doubly so, since we've finally met and now I can stop being nervousme and truly take the plunge and whatnot and be myself, knowing that I have a wonderful friend to share that with ♥
At least you got to the Elite Four.

I love talking to you so much, it makes my day. I'm super glad I got to meet you in person, and hopefully we can do it again sometime. I am always comfortable with you. ilu ♥
You have always been sweet and kind to me, and honestly, you bring a smile to my face because you always seem to have my best interests and well, myself in general in your thoughts and that has always made me feel a little sappy inside to know that there's someone like you who cares about me ♥ Never stop being wonderful.
Are you...are you Pokemonning interactively? I mean, with other real live people and shit?
I never get to the Elite Four :'D The closest I ever got to them was waaaaaaay back when Pokemon Crystal came out and I actually beat the first guy... and promptly died right after.

I WILL LOVE ON YOU because you already did my love meme so. Derp.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I never even played Crystal. Or Pearl. I played Ruby a short while and gave up. I'm too old for the "new" games.

My brother's the one who buys the games. If the decision were left to me, we would've been stuck on Yellow for a really long time.
Definitely hotter. Can you send me the details for graduation again? Lost my Paper Of Containing All Schedule Information. Oops.

Honey, I have it right here. I found it after you left. Do you want me to type out all the details and send it to you?
Oh, thank you! I should be okay - I've mostly re-created it, this time in a more solid book. Unless I am supposed to be anywhere tomorrow? I am missing graduation details though, and can call you tomorrow (after class?) to check...

also what is your schedule next week i'm planning to deage judy and want to do it when you're aroooouuund
You are really awesome and you play really, really well that it's amazing. Judith is a tough character, but you do her such justice that sometimes I worry that I'm not a good enough Yuri for you because you are just that fabulous ♥ Also I should generally talk to you more but sometimes I get shy and awkward. IT HAPPENS ♥
You are one of the sweetest people I know. The amount of time and the little things you do makes me feel so happy because you really care so much and it's great to see. You've always been someone I feel I can talk to.