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1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they're from
4. List your favorite moment between them
5. Tag 5 people from your flist to do this meme

ummm..I can't say I got tagged, but I glinked this from momigi

1) Sanzo x Goku (Saiyuki)


I love this picture. ^__^ Who wouldn't? |
Favourite moment...hmm...so many to pick, but I would say episode 39 where Sanzo thinks about Goku and Goku hears Sanzo's voice.

2) Vash x Wolfwood (Trigun)

As to how I got hooked onto this particular pairing, I don't know myself. ^^ Favourite moment is when Wolfwood died and said he wanted to be with Vash.

3) Athrun x Kira (Gundam Seed)

They compliment each other perfectly. Even after some many years of separation, they still come together. Favourite moment is when Athrun starts crying when he thought he had killed Kira

4) Ban x Ginji (Get Backers)

I love them. I really do. Favourite moment is when Ban jumps to take the hit from Akabane and Ginji believes that Ban is dead (poor Ginji)

5) Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach)

(sighs) I wish I had a better picture. For Bleach, it's hard to pin one pairing for Ichigo. I support almost all pairings for Ichigo because for him, they all fit. This is one of them. Favourite moment would be when Rukia said, "don't interfere, don't interfere, don't die Ichigo" It was touching.





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