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- Watching Star Wars on my own is hard because everything feels so hilariously corny now. And I have way too much trouble taking Luke seriously at all. Also, wow Empire, that is some negligence you've got going for you. 

- The intro is fucking hilarious though. EVIL GALACTIC EMPIRE. I'm sorry Lucas, but writer-extraordinaire, you are not.

- The idea of anyone comparing Star Wars and Star Trek is stupid because one is science fantasy and the other is science fiction. DOESN'T THE WORDS A LONG LONG TIME AGO GIVE IT AWAY?

- Finished Observations which is a 262 chaptered monster of a ST fic but oh god so worth it. The author basically incorporated everything from TOS into Reboot-verse and made it work. 

- You know what's hilarious? While I love conflict in my RP, it sort of jacks up my paranoia of OHGODPLZDUNHATEME because I'm a very uhh docile person (FOR LACK OF A BETTER WORD). So whenever there is tension and fights, my heart goes dsfddfgcrrry. BUT WHATEVERS I love what I do, I enjoy the stuff that comes out of it, I'm a free bitch baby.

- This is my first weekend off not doing a ten-hour class or with an exam. I call this a miracle.

- Orchard road got flooded yesterday. And I was wondering why there were only two people (including myself) in class...

- Generally, while I've been having my ups and downs lately, life is good! I really feel life is good even if I'm still continually sucking at the whole contact/talk/be open thing. I'm just. Sort of happier. Now I'll be happier whenever telrunya's exams finish so she can have more time for me :|
IT'S REALLY STUPID. Star Wars is like the most ridiculous science fantasy ever, AND I MEAN, I love it, but come on. Star Trek is like the most ridiculous science fiction ever, and I LOVE IT, BUT STILL. AND YEAH, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE THERE. I can still take Luke seriously, I wonder if there's something wrong with me. :( I CAN'T TAKE THE NEWEST TRILOGY SERIOUSLY, THOUGH.

I still want to read that fic more than I want to sleep, right now. THAT SAYS SOMETHING. Also did you know that I originally typed "eat" instead of "read"? Now you do.

YOUR FIRST WEEKEND OFF AND I STILL DON'T KNOW IF I CAN BE AROUND. The universe is against me (us, both work).

Glad to know you're happier, it shows. ♥♥♥ AND FINALLY, ONE MORE WEEK HONEY UNTIL YOU CAN "MONOPOLIZE" MY TIME AGAIN. I mean, I love you too, darling.
- I hate the new trilogy. HATE IT SO MUCH. There's a huge difference between the original and the new one and I love the original for its corniness :|



I though Star Wars was more classified as a space opera BUT I DON'T REALLY KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS \o/

I just know I love it and I am the reverse of you because I am finding it easier to be sympathetic to Luke as I get older for some reason :/ I remember laughing at his big traumatic moment in "The Empire Strikes Back" when I was in elementary school :x
That works too! I'm not sure which one is the most common. My film teacher defined it as "science fantasy" though.

Luke was my favourite when I was younger and now, I'm finding it hard to relate to him.
Someone once asked me which I liked better, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I was like "...did you just seriously ask me that question?"

. . . I always have a hard time because I LIKE STAR WARS . . . Star Trek doesn't rock my boat so much! But SciFi, in general, is not really my thing. But people are always trying to get me into SciFi stuff because I like fantasy stuff ( IN GENERAL ). God the new werewolf thing/vampire trend is awful too because I went into a Borders and an employee was like YOU SHOULD READ TRUBLOOD IF YOU LIKE FANTASY.

crying forever
Have you tried some of the old school stuff though? That might be more up your alley than the new one.

... oh god, did they say that THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE.
I never 'got' the whole Star Wars vs Star Trek grudge war or whatever because I grew up in a household where we watched both (although my mother admits to being more of a Trekkie).

I love them both but Babylon 5 is the best