Ooooonly a little of it. Damon is one of the best trolls ever, though.
See I saw the first three or four episodes and then the finale (I was waiting for SPN) and was like "....where did my terrible person go :("
Apparently, season two is about Damon being nicer and Stefan being "darker"

And all I could think about was how I've BEEN THERE DONE THAT WITH SPN.
Well, Damon does mess with Stefan's dreams... but I don't think that's it? THEY ARE PRETTY... ... SPECIAL TOGETHER THOUGH.

I've read the books! (Except for the new ones. Those don't exist to me.) The TV show hurts me in the teenaged nostalgia a bit much to actually watch, but I am still super excited to see Stefan in camp! Congrats~
I won't lie, the difference between the books and the show amuses me so hard because I came across fans who were like THAT IS NOT STEFAN!!! and it's hilarious.