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- So a few days back, my mom killed a spider! Apparently she made a ruckus in the morning because she kept apologizing before killing it.

- Did my essay, now to do my reading diary. Then finally, I might have a busy-ish schedule again. Also, I have one last bridging module to go through. Return of the Ten hour classessssssssss.

- I'm going to try posting more often. I've gotten into that awful bad habit of bottling things and not being clear. A habit I was sure I got rid of, but it rears its head! So when I talk, I'm going to be super honest and say what's on my mind.

- This is still my Cheer Up Emo Kid song. Forever. Ahh Five, I miss your catchy tunes.

- I also watched the Last Airbender movie. It was as bad as everyone said it was, the pronunciations had been changed (my dad says, tbf, "aang" isn't a real name but I still think it was a stupid thing to do). Thirty-second Azula was great! I love the way she tried not to give a vicious smile until she finally did and it was GOOD. Sadly not enough to save the movie.

- I've also been listening to some golden oldies Hindi music! I haven't heard much of the new stuff (though I should check if A.R Rahman did some new scores because I like the stuff he does). I uploaded some here.

- I've been watching Community non-stop! I dunno why! For me, the show is very different from everything I've ever watched before (I won't lie guys, everything I learn about American culture comes from American TV, so my perceptions of it change a lot) and yet, it is everything I have ever wanted to see in a show. So A+ Community, you totally should be in the Emmys.

- Due to the terrible influence of my good friend Nat, I've also been watching Legend of the Seeker! Which basically fills that Hercules/Xena void in my heart. It's very camp and crack! And it knows that! It still has a more coherent plot than Xena and Hercules ever did, which is good because the episodes drag on less. Also, it took all the stuff in the books that I didn't like and removed it. And Cara is hot and I am shallow.

- I am addicted to my tumblr. Send help.
Being honest with your feelings is always a good thing.

I should download Community, too, everyone is saying it's great and now I'm completely curious. :x

I'm not a vocal person, to be honest.

IT IS GOOD. Possibly the best show I've watched in ages. And it does wonders for my mood.

I know, but every single little step helps.

I'M GOING TO DOWNLOAD IT THEN. I've been forgetting to do that.

. . . WHAT. WHY NOT.
I love Legend of the Seeker. I am sad that it got cancelled before they got to the EVIL CHICKEN!!!! though. Er, I think. I don't really follow the books.
Oh man, you know Five? THAT'S AWESOME.

Well, mostly Hindi and one Tamil song.

It's campy, but good fun. Great for watching if you want pretty, action and comedy.

I've been reblogging stuff like. Almost every day now :x
WELL, NOW I HAVE. (I just thought you were adorable okay. Also now it's your fault I want to watch Escaflowne and yes, I'm lazy to tell you that on Twitter)