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- So a few days back, my mom killed a spider! Apparently she made a ruckus in the morning because she kept apologizing before killing it.

- Did my essay, now to do my reading diary. Then finally, I might have a busy-ish schedule again. Also, I have one last bridging module to go through. Return of the Ten hour classessssssssss.

- I'm going to try posting more often. I've gotten into that awful bad habit of bottling things and not being clear. A habit I was sure I got rid of, but it rears its head! So when I talk, I'm going to be super honest and say what's on my mind.

- This is still my Cheer Up Emo Kid song. Forever. Ahh Five, I miss your catchy tunes.

- I also watched the Last Airbender movie. It was as bad as everyone said it was, the pronunciations had been changed (my dad says, tbf, "aang" isn't a real name but I still think it was a stupid thing to do). Thirty-second Azula was great! I love the way she tried not to give a vicious smile until she finally did and it was GOOD. Sadly not enough to save the movie.

- I've also been listening to some golden oldies Hindi music! I haven't heard much of the new stuff (though I should check if A.R Rahman did some new scores because I like the stuff he does). I uploaded some here.

- I've been watching Community non-stop! I dunno why! For me, the show is very different from everything I've ever watched before (I won't lie guys, everything I learn about American culture comes from American TV, so my perceptions of it change a lot) and yet, it is everything I have ever wanted to see in a show. So A+ Community, you totally should be in the Emmys.

- Due to the terrible influence of my good friend Nat, I've also been watching Legend of the Seeker! Which basically fills that Hercules/Xena void in my heart. It's very camp and crack! And it knows that! It still has a more coherent plot than Xena and Hercules ever did, which is good because the episodes drag on less. Also, it took all the stuff in the books that I didn't like and removed it. And Cara is hot and I am shallow.

- I am addicted to my tumblr. Send help.

Also I just realized you were talking about FIVE as in, the band. Man, I still remember the lyrics.
Well, clearly you're not the only one. I was a BSB fangirl, but I think If Ya Gettin' Down was the first song I heard from Five. :x
It's a good choice. Sometimes I listen to RIP Slyme when I need to cheer up (or rather, I watch the music videos, they're so silly).
It's a Japanese band! but their songs are silly, upbeat and fun and I end up smiling when I listen to them.

I've linked this one before so maybe you might know it, but I love it. I tend to listen to this song almost every day on my way home and I sing it out loud. Galaxy is ridiculous, but so good and Joint makes me laugh a lot. It's a silly band. :x