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Give me a promptand I will write you something.

Hopefully this will kick me back to writing.
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I'm going to make you >DD

Shawn and Gus. Plausibility of Spongebob's house, the pineapple under the sea.
"I would like to point out," Shawn said, holding a pineapple in his hands, "That living in a pineapple under the sea would be awesome."

"Also impossible," Gus muttered.

"C'mon Gus! All we would need is an oxygen tank, maybe a few thousand of them, and some nails to hammer our furniture down so it doesn't float," Shawn clapped, "Genius!"

"Shawn," And Gus could feel a rant building up inside of him, "It would be more than a thousand, also the floorbed of the ocean would be sandy, therefore stapling it--," Then Gus paused, "... Did you include me in this?"

Shawn beamed. Then promptly tossed his pineapple off the pier. Gus gaped.

"That's--Shawn, that's environmentally damaging!"

"No it's not," Shawn handwaved, "I just tossed our pineapple home where it belongs. Under the sea."

Gus thought about bringing up the fact that the pineapple was too small for them to possibly live in, and changed his mind. It was good enough that he was included to begin with.
ALL OF NICK'S CASES ARE MURDER CASES. How is that good storytelling??

"So then the talking parrot--"

"Daddy," Trucy said, with the utmost of patience, "I know I'm a magician. And I can believe anything. But you're taking this too far."

Phoenix paused, at a loss for words, before he ruffled his daughter's head and tucked her into bed. Clearly that was not the best of bedtime stories.
Wait, why am I getting mail whut?

Unlike Gil, who was an emotional drunk, and Alice, who feels hot after a few glasses of champagne, Oz had an extremely high tolerance for alcohol. Possibly due to him being a Vesalius, because Oz could easily picture Jack being a happy drunk, laughing at parties while everyone meandered through an alcoholic daze.

Still, that didn't mean he wasn't affected at all. Which is how Gil found him much later, a pile of books surrounding him like a miniature fence and Oz burrowing his face into The Holy Knight VI, his cheeks heavily red.

"...Edgar so cool..." Oz muttered, and flipped another page.

Gil smiled and closed the door quietly.

Damon liked horror movies. Stefan liked documentaries. Damon liked bad chick flicks so long as the main heroine was pretty and he was allowed to trash talk through the film. Stefan liked quiet films and he still deeply resented Damon's view on "A Love Story". It was very hard to find a middle ground when Damon was being ... well, Damon and Stefan just wanted to strangle him. As usual.

They did however, settle for a movie which they both enjoyed. Stefan still thinks it's a little over the top, but the way it emulated the old ship he knew well and the background made up for it.

Not to mention, when they first watched it, Damon would keep squinting.

"Damon are you--"
"But you--"
"I said no, little brother."

Ultimately, Stefan thought, he could love Titanic just for that.
Leto and Rain's EXCELLENT adventures. Possibly in Rain's world where he's used to be chased around as a criminal.
Leto was already there by the time Rain arrived.

"One day," Leto said calmly, only the hint of amusement at the corner of his lips, "They are going to catch you."

Rain pouted, "But you'll get me out, won't you?"

"I am meant to support the laws," Leto pointed out, "Or I would be a terrible ruler. Good impressions must be made on the impressionable."

Rain smiled, "So you'll still get me out!"

Leto sighed. He would, but it would be been more fun if Rain doubted. Still, as he gave Rain his shoulder and Rain leaned on it gratefully, this was enough enjoyment for him.
Dean, Sam, (and Castiel BUT NOT NECESSARILY), some form of "will yaoi for pocky" at a convention.

Or. You know. Anything Supernatural related in general. I am easy /o/ It's 2 in the morning and for some reason, that's the first thing that came to my head.

Any fandom, any character, but baklava must be involved.

Why, noooo, this was totally not inspired by my recent trip. Why would you say that?
because I'm currently scrambling around trying to find some ~legal, official~ way to watch Psych in NZ:

tiny Shawn and Gus, WATER PISTOLS

dumb being human housemate antics with some combination of the main four \o
Tokage and Kamui ; morality

or or or or


Oz and Gil ; "and quoth the raven"