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- This is my new wallpaper!

- Saw the second part of Nodame Cantabile! It was wonderful and awesome (though not as light hearted as the first half) and there were bits where Juri Ueno's acting reduced me to tears. Also it's funny to be present in a movie full of couples and housewives. Especially since I went there with my dad.

- Also I want to see this movie - Bangkok Traffic Love Story.

- Thinking about going for Inception! Though, not with my dad, he wants to see the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

- Did another rewatch of Children of Dune. Which still makes me happy and I still consider it to be my favourite Sci-fi mini-series. Susan Sarandon being evil! James McAvoy being half-naked! And Alia being Alia. Also I'm deeply fond of Alec Newman as Paul.

- Still doing those prompts if anyone has more to add! I'm just. Slow.
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