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- Thanks to everyone who talked to me recently (You all know who you are). I'm still feeling like crap and bursting out into tears, but tears are stress-relief and I'll bounce back. It will just take time and some inner-convincing on my part that I am an awesome mo-fo.

- On other news, I got Cara at Sabra! Sabra which still confuses me completely, but I rather not give up! I don't think it will ever be my forever girl, but it's different and I do want to learn from it.

- I SWEAR I AM GETTING TO THOSE PROMPTS GUYS I'm just slow :( Kicking myself back into writing is hard.

- My house has always been welcoming to lizards. We have baby lizards everywhere! Under my pictures, in between my shelves. But the last thing I was expecting was A DEAD LIZARD IN MY CURTAINS. I pulled them down last night and HOLY SHIT IT LIKE FELL TWO FEET AWAY FROM ME. If I was a girlier person, I would have screamed. Instead, what I did was pick it up by its tail and show it to my dad who was like, "If you were a girlier person you would have screamed". Nice to know my dad and I think alike.

- ... I' m not sure what to add here. I would like to ask people to reassure me that I am cool and not a whiny mcwhinerperson, but meh. I am a trooper.
They move too fast for me to take pictures of them sadly.

But I'll have you know that very often when I'm on the computer, a lizard promptly falls on my lap. A lot.
I love you honey and you know that even if I was a failure at talking to everyone the past weekend, I care a lot about you and I think you're wonderful and extremely awesome at everything you do. It's okay to whine and there's nothing with it, ever. I hope you're feeling better when you wake up tomorrow.