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- You know the one superpower I don't want to have? Mind-reading. It seems like a bitch to deal with and an equal bitch to use. It's also the one superpower I think we all believe the people closest to us share, when they don't. At least, my psychiatrist used to say so.

- Might be taking a trip soon to India! My grandfather's sick and my classes just got over for the semester. I'm a bit weirded out to be returning to India (mostly because in many ways, I didn't feel very Indian despite spending 15 years there. I don't feel Singaporean either and I despair ever really finding a place to connect with. It's my shame, honestly)

- Rewatching Static Shock and Utena! Ahh, both series make me so happy.

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Hahaha, none of my characters can do that, save for Leto and he does it through interpreting body language.
Being invisible would also blow, as evidenced by The Hollow Man. What happens in September?