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* reply to this post with "what is this i don't even" and I will pick four however many you want of your icons.
* make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
* other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
* this will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

I made ningen_demonai pick from my LJ and my DW. Because I am a hooker.

Mitchell and George from Being Human. This is from a deleted scene, sometime after Annie discovered Owen killed her and it's adorable. TWO VERY DUMB BOYS trying very hard for a friend they love ♥ It's also my favourite icon for illustrating hearts

Ahhh Albafica. Saddest snowflake of them all. This is a scene from the OVA where Albafica gives a cloth to a girl to protect from the rain, but as she reaches out to thank you, he says, "Don't touch me". SADDEST SNOWFLAKE.

This is a great "oooh what's that" icon. Also The Secret of Kells ♥

FRIENDS guys REMEMBER FRIENDS?! Do you know how hard it is to find Friends' icons on the internet? VERY HARD. At least it was for me.

oh man, I would someday just have icons of just Tulio and Miguel. Making faces. Wouldn't that be beautiful. I'm pretty sure this is the part where Tulio convinces Miguel to do something dumb. You know. As per usual.

WHITE COLLAR ♥ This is from the drunk episode. Way to go Neil. But that look *_*

I'm pretty sure this is from Balance of Terror. It's the last scene of that episode where Kirk has to confront an ensign who lost her fiancé. It was pretty depressing because she was set to get married at the start of the episode and then DISASTER :(

Shore Leave. (Half my icons are from Shore Leave sob). SULU BEING PROUD OF HIMSELF for reasons I'm not sure. Shooting an antique gun in the air is not something you get points for, Sulu.

I swear it looks like Spock is wearing a dress. That's the only reason I have this icon. From Return of the Archons, aka that planet that look like it came out of a Western movie.

THE VULCAN DEATH GRIP. ... Which doesn't exist, but holy hell doesn't this make for a great out of context icon. This is from the Enterprise Incident or aka that episode where Spock seduces someone by doing nothing.

THIS IS A MUST-WATCH TREK episode. A Piece of the Action is when the crew lands up in mafiaplanet, they all talk gangsta and dress in suits, Kirk can't drive, kids teach them how to land a hit, hilarious. I can't remember where I found the fanart from though :x

oxboxer's art is the best hands down ♥

That took....forever.
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I am a little confused as to what is happening in that last one. Not that it detracts from the SHEER BRILLIANCE of it, but I just thought I'd say.
KIRK AND SPOCK FIGHT BEAST OF THE DAY while Chekov trembles in the background.

I can't remember which episode it was though.
I need to get myself some El Dorado icons. THAT ASIDE, what is this i don't even.
1. what is this I don't even


3. Friends!!!! :D :D :D

4. And a final WORD on Miguel and Tulio icons.
1. ... kal ho na ho icons...

2. Yeah, the clothes alone are worth it.


4. Tulio and Miguel are amazing ♥ Seriously. I could make 100+ icons with just them.