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- At the rate I'm going with my studies, I'll be the jack of all trades and master to none. Marketing Management, Statistics, Accounting, Law, Economics, Psychology, History etc hilariously have no bearing on what I want to do in the future. Still, I enjoy learning, no matter what it is.

- My nerves have passed finally.

- I saw the new Eva movie! Which is WHOA very different from what I was expecting and I was rather pleased by it. Mari wasn't bad, the interactions felt new and enjoyable and I particularly like the development of Rei and Shinji. In fact, I was really really pleased with Shinji overall. It's like they cut down 90% of his :(

- A friend of mine is coming back to Singapore tomorrow. I can't wait.

- Rewatching Trek gives me a certain amount of happiness lately. The only problem is not having anyone to talk to about it :x

- I've actually been getting along with my classmates! As in we actually... communicate. Weird, but not bad. On the other hand, I feel strongly estranged when everyone talks in chinese and I just sit there mutely.

- Amvs! Been watching a lot of those lately and I feel like pimping them out.

Legend of the Seeker - Lightning Field (Cara/Kahlan)
I love this show a whole damn lot and this is my favourite AMV ever. It takes the pretty of the show and the thin line relationship that Cara has with Kahlan and makes it heartbreaking.

Static Shock - Hero

I think the effects for this one were a bit overdone, but it's still the best AMV in the fandom I've ever seen.

Vampire Diaries - It is What It is
A very nice runthrough of the entire first season.

Star Trek XI Spoof

Okay, not an AMV, but hey, Simon Pegg tweeted and loved it, so I'm adding it anyway.

Star Trek TAS - Common People
TAS being the animated series. This is a terrible video with Shatner singing and mashups and oh god TAS, what is with you and beastiality I will never know.

Supernatural - How Low
I love this fandom's videos. Forever. A nice brothers!!! AMV set to Jose Gonzalez. I love Jose Gonzalez.

Lord of the Rings - Shattered (Aragorn/Arwen)
Iiiiiiii haven't touched the fandom with its videos, but this one was pretty awesome.

I love the movies, but the old show is just. Classic. I find it really easy to watch and just enjoy. I also spend a lot of time going WHAT THE GAY.
YOU CAN TALK ABOUT TREK TO ME, even if I haven't watched more than . . . what, 8 episodes? But I never mind and I love it when you fangirl about stuff, so that's maybe something?
Let's see if I actually stick to it.

I LOVE THEM. I've been dying to have some DC icons for a while.
Shinji not being emo? GASP SHOCK AWE

Talk to meeeeeeeeeeeee about Trek :D :D :D

Roflmao I am so amused that you found Lightning Field. SO AMUSED. I-I don't wholly get that vid but I know it's pretty famous in the fandom and ahahahaha you foooound it. Have you seen this?
You could always talk to me about classic Trek. ♥

I can't see my studies having any bearing on my future, either.