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I have a severe urge to kill the Reload creators because they have murdered the plot. Badly. The whole Kougaiji coming in (with doubts) and Sanzo getting poisoned (again) and Gyokumen crushes Kougaiji's earrings and all throughout these two episodes, I was getting major visions of deja vu here.

I bought the complete set of Mythical Detective Loki (because it was cheap) and I was ..okay...
because the manga is a whole lot funnier than the series, but the manga follows a weird storyline that people would find difficult to follow. I found it rather amusing that I resisted the temptation to buy the Saiyuki Reload box sets.

Meh, I live.


I hope.

I get scary when I go through Saiyuki deprivations. Even if they cut out Yakumo and Zakuro and nice parts of the storyline.

Now, I'm wondering how the Gunlock manga is. And how to persuade my father into buying me Saiyuki: Requiem for me.

Here's hoping.

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