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- Have I mentioned I hate checks? I hate checks. Bane of my existence.

- Recently, I had a dream where Yuri was a hooker. It was a pretty bad fanfic cliche dream and I woke up when Asch started topping (thank you brain, for realizing it was a dream at that point).

- omg this deleted scene of Cara still cracks me up. NEXT TIME JUST LET ME DIE. Baww, I miss LoTS.

- Also, I've had this song playing a lot. BBC's Sherlock on piano. So prettyyyyyy.

- My dad's been very ...giving and kind lately. I chalk it up to the fact that my brother is no longer here.

- Also harukami gave me this meme to do.

Fire Emblem
- I have played all the games from 7-10 onwards (plus Shadow Dragon), but I think my eternal favourite is Eliwood. I mean, he's frustrating to level up as a character, but I found his story to be heartbreaking. He was basically the epitome of a good, kind person struggling to make things right and often he fails in the things he wants the most, but he doesn't stop trying.

Still, the most frustrating character to level up (why do you make it so hard to love you sometimes, Eliwood). My second favourite is Reyson from 9/10.

- I read di(e)ce for Haruki two years ago. Or somewhere around that time. I just fell in love with him, his struggle to be good, to be kind and how that empathy simply destroyed him. Haruki became the bad guy because he cared too much. I really love how the manga sets him apart from Kazuki. Because Kazuki thinks life's a game, it's okay to kill people and everything can be reset! You would think that Kazuki would fit the antagonist bill more, but the manga does some delightful things with their characterisation.

I still wish I got my fallout chapter though. Sigh.

Princess Tutu
- Ruuuuue. This used to be Fakir and I guess in a way, it still is, but I enjoy Rue a lot more. I often wonder why people don't write more Rue-fics to be honest, because there is so much to explore there. Her identity crisis, her acceptance of being a raven's daughter and her rejection of it, her love and her possessiveness. There are so many facets to her that I could never run out of ways to describe her. And in a weird way, I empathize with her heavily. I think we all want someone we can keep close, who belongs to us and no one else because we don't want to be alone.

- This one is hard because I honestly don't know if I have a favourite in Slayers. I enjoy all the characters a lot! (Except for Filia) They all have an unique dynamic! But I guess if I had to pick one, it would be Zelgadis. Yeah, I'm boring like that. I just find him funny, honestly :x I can't take him seriously, because he tries so hard to be stoic and serious in a show that's very often just not
ELIWOOD THE PANSY LORD!! It's seriously like "okay this time I will not let Hector soak up exp let's send Eliwood on ahea--DAMNIT I HAVE TO USE HECTOR TO SAVE HIM :("
Sob I know. Man, I should replay FE 9 today. I like using Ike to power through my battles.
re: Fe, I will simply say lol Eliwood.

Also yeeees I agree so much re: kazuki and haruki. And I was surprised what they did with Kazuki too, expected they were going to have him always be kinda... detached, but hey he actually started to learn lifes importance!
sob Eliwood, why do I love you so.

Yeah exactly! Normally (at least in the recent trend of manga), the protagonist is usually show in a sane light while flaws are uncovered. di(e)ce did it the opposite way.
And the thing is they uncovered WHOLE NEW FLAWS in their previous sanity/insanity and then their CURRENT sanity/insanity too. it really is the balance ying yang theme.