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So, my bitch of a Program Supervisor sends us our schedules. Which, btw, I hate, because more than often, her timing on these schedules are atrocious! And she takes forever to reply! But I can deal, I'm not the kind of person who blows up at these kinds of things, so I let it go.

So I signed up for two psych units and one business one. So I got my psych schedules, but nothing on business? Okay, let's not freak, maybe it's starting later this month. I email her to ask.

Turns out it started already. And her words are "Didn't you go to class?"

Fuck you. I told you what units I signed up for. Your job is to make sure I get the timings for it. I doublechecked your lousy schedules and guess what? Business is not there. I am going to complain something fierce or shuffle my units around. AUGH.

EDIT - Fixed, but I'm still grumpy.
Tags: fml, meh :/, singaporeeeeee laaaaaaah, so not my day

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