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I finished Wakfu! Hence I have thoughts!! Not that anyone cares. Wakfu is a French cartoon based on an MMORPG which is still in the works, I think. It's mainly flash animation, but not the tedious kind that you see lately. Also has the cutest cartoon opening ever

- Yugo reminds me a lot of the Storm Hawks, except he's younger and he acts like it! So it was very refreshing to me to see him do normal child things, think like a child and deal with problems like a child.

- Oh my god Nox ♥! I love Nox's development and it's even better highlighted in the special (the special is gorgeous, the animation looks like it was done by Studio 4C). I love how he just went insane and not in the typical way either! The part where Nox claimed he was hearing the Eliacube's voice and Yugo simply tells him point blank that it's not the cube, he's just plain nuts was pretty epic.

- I am gay for Evangeline.

- I enjoy Amalia for being a princess that, well, behaves like a princess! Spoilt, cranky, used to getting her way, ready to blast people for not doing what she wants! I know that lately, the princess trope gets subverted, so I like the return to the basics.

- I was not expecting such a buildup! Like, I didn't hold high hopes for the storyline because the first two episodes felt ridiculously disjointed and confusing for me. But then, the characters came into their own, doing ridiculous things while furthering the plot.

- Did I mention the animation is great? THE ANIMATION IS GREAT.

- Also, they did some superbly choreographed fight scenes. I haven't seen good fight scenes in cartoons since Avatar and Storm Hawks, and this is a pretty good contender for both shows.

- It's very rare to see an old guy be a main character and I honestly approve of it.

- I wish I had a little more explanation for some of the world-building. On one hand, it's good that it wasn't spoon-fed to the audience. At the same time, I was pretty confused over some details (though that may be the subs rather than anything else)

- Character deaths in cartoon shows still surprise me. I don't count Avatar because Avatar starts out with a pretty solid young-adult premise that makes it clear bad stuff can happen. Even Storm Hawks, to a degree, implies it. But I had not expected it from Wakfu! But HOLY SHIT that death scene with Grovly was pretty good! And they gut-punch you further in the finale when time is turned back, but not further enough to reverse Grovly's death.

- I really hope this gets dubbed. While I have some knowledge of french, this show (and its subs) left me pretty dazed.

- Speaking of the French, I should check if they've come up with any other new cartoons. I stopped checking when they came out with Skyland (bahhh Skyland :/)

- I liked how the show ended on a quiet note. Not a "happily ever after" sort of feel, but a more "we did good".


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AJJJ I hearted the villain so much. He was so demented! BUT HE LOVED HIS FAMILY and made little puppet theatres so he could remember them and ahh his entire story was just made of baw and CRAZY.
I couldn't find downloads for the first episodes in the comm, but I'll try to get them sometime.
Really? Awesome. Don't worry if you can't find them, maybe I can find a torrent or something.
Yes to all of these thoughts ♥
Especially that last one.
God I love this show.

eagerly awaiting season 2, auuuuuuugh

.... I was going to tell you to come join us at wakfu but apparently you are already there! Well good. |Db
OH GOD I NEED TO KEEP WATCHING WAKFU it's the cutest thing ever ever ever alksdjfljdf ♥