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- So I love my job! I love kids! Anything with kids is A+++ in my book. However, it seems that I'm the youngest aide, not-Muslim etc etc and as such, I have been spending every snack/lunchtime by myself, huddled over my phone for lame net.

- Also, I get a little weirded out by how strict the teacher is! It's a special needs class and while I have no problem with that (I've done community service with the mentally disabled. Once you've done that, you can do anything, I find), I'm finding it hard to decide when to be strict and when not to be.

- And since school gets over at three and it takes me ages to get to class, I come home and leave under an hour. Cry.

- So things I am probably going to buy when paid: a better phone.

- And apparently my bank number doesn't exist or something, so I got chewed out for it and I am not pleased with that.

- I want this day to end. Like now.
The bank number thing sounds odd. Hope the end of the day is better for you though.
Fixed! This bank is weird because it's joined with another despite having different account numbers IDEK.
I've been saying this a bit too much, but I love you and I adore you, honey. I'm glad you love your job and I hope things get much better for you, because it sounds difficult. Being unable to be much at home is always a pain, I feel you on that.

Take care, honey. ♥♥♥