water seeping

Things kids say

Kid Ar: Teacher, that girl isn't singing so we have to do it over again.
(Said girl is mute)
Us: ...

Kid L: I don't dream of girls!
Me: ... So you dream of boys?
Kid L: Yes.

Kid Am: I want your romance, you and me, I want your romance~
Me: ... h-honey...

Kid L: How do you spell Tutankhamun?
Me: You want me to spell what?

what is my life.
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That reminds me of a little kid in the class I had to volunteer with during college... he claimed me as his, and then would tell me stuff like "I don't like girls, I only like boys!"

Eventually it occurred to him to ask whether I was a boy or a girl. Took a while.
It sort of took me aback! I was just like "What do you think I am?" And why didn't you ask earlier? Haha!