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Found this quiz...

Vampyre; mysterious and shy, you can also indulge
in a strong sexual appeal, sometimes to both
sexes. However, you are strong and dignified,
yet haunting, you linger on earth in a corpse
that cages your soul. However happy you become,
you want to find love above all things, so that
your life won't feel wasted.

What type of Immortal are you?
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And this....

You are Tyson.
You are Tyson.

Which Anime character are you?
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Tala: And this...

an angel.you are a holy creature that is friendly
and loving towards others.

what monster are you?
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Kai: AND THIS...

Anubis: Anubis took care of the cemeteries and was
the son of the solar god Re. Later he was
connected to the vast Osiris cult and conciered
as his son with the goddess Nephtys. Depicted
as a jackal or a man with a jackal's head, he
was originally a god from Abydos in Upper
Egypt. He guided the deceased to the next life
via the court of Osiris in the Underworld. He
was the god of embalming and was the subject of
the mortuary prayers in funerals. His fame was
constantly on top during all periods of the
long Egyptian history.

What Ancient Egyptian god/goddess are you?
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Tyson: --; I think she's bored....

You would be a dragon, living life just as you
want, traveling and collecting gold, making
sure the humans don't try to steal it. You have
a feirce personality and enjoy doing your own

What fantasy being would you be?
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Max: And...*blinks* Is that it?
All: Yes. Thank God!!!
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