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- Watched Tangled! Though here, it's Rapunzel (don't ask me, man). Still extremely enjoyable and it totally feels like it was the Disney movie made for me (mindgamessssssssss).

- My brother is home and he got me a Zelda ocarina! I'm gonna teach myself how to play it.

- Got Lance Lunis. SO EXCITED. SO NERVOUS. But ahh I love this canon so much guys, I could rewatch it all day.

- Need to do some writing and christmas prompts! Which I will set up soon. Really. ... Don't look at me like that.
Mindgames. ♥ Oh, and it's Rapunzel everywhere but here -- we're the weird ones.

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Though here, it's Rapunzel
AS IT SHOULD BE dammit America. Wasn't Mother Gothel amazing? Lead with the hips and fuck with everyone's minds. o/
Here, they've just translated "tangled" into Swedish, which is... "Trassel" :|
YEAH, it's Enredados here. THE NAME IS STUPID, because it sounds awkward in Spanish. I'm thinking of going out on my own today to watch it. ♥

Laaaance. I love Sym-bionic Titan but you knew that. YOUR FAULT.
I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT...except I have to wait until January 28th orz. And it's Tangled in the UK as well. But I've totally spoiled myself for the plot and if reading it in text makes me squee this much, I don't doubt the actual film will magnify my squee by over 9000 XD