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So what I did last year is I secretly wrote stealthy drabbles for people and sent it off as a surprise! And I'm still doing that, but if you want something in particular and not my deranged drabbles of Dean and Cas with bumper cars, you should totally comment here so I can love on you.
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Bumper Cars, Klavier/Haruka
"But what's the point"

"It's fun! You said you'd let me pick what we did next."

"I didn't say you could pick cars"


"Fine. What am I supposed to do?"

"Bump them."

Several hours later and three piles of overturned cars nestled in the middle of the circle, Klavier wondered if he should have elaborated.
Write a scene from A Very Sherlock Christmas Carol.
As much as Stefan promotes world peace, advocates for equality and so on, it is still bizarre for him to walk into a room where his ex (though no longer an ex now that she changed her mind and decided Elena was more entertainment alive and there's no more Klaus) and his current girlfriend are making out.

Damon claimed he does not care as long as he gets to watch. Stefan keeps pretending he didn't hear a word he said (it's how he get through the 50's).

It's not poetry as much as it is symmetry, a slotting of gemini as Katherine would nip at Elena's chin as Elena tilted her head neatly to accommodate her. Sometimes, it was terrifying, how far they've come, how alive they are and how alive they're not and how their lives are so neatly curled around this one woman who holds them up.

Katherine smirked at him as he walked out. Next time, he'll join in, but today, he'll bury his thoughts on paper and freedom.
There is a sting to his life now.

When he picks up a teacup, gray steel reflects back on him. When he first escaped, simple tasks seemed impossible, like cupping sand in your hands and watching it spill through. He got frustrated easily those days, until there was nothing left but the slow burn of life that ate him away. Everything that never mattered does, like the concept of holding a needle and a thread or holding someone's hand, feeling the warmth seep through your skin and everything that did matter was gone.

Still, he does his part, even as his knee throbs when he bends and the sound of gunfire rattles his bones. He sits with 003 when she needs him, he lets 001 cradle a finger, and 002 reaches for him...

he reaches as well.
"Look," Dean said, sidling up to him, "I get that you're kinda clueless..."

Vergil said nothing.

"--And kind of a slow talker and honestly, you look sorta dumb with the hairdo--,"

Vergil arched an eyebrow.

"--Which means you seriously need to get laid. So pick a chick and I'll help you out for free."

"People pay you to do this?"

"Look, do you want my help or not?"

(And Nero discovers the secret to his birth)
"Ever thought about it?" Yuri said as he walked up to her.

"Thought about what?"

"Joining us."

Judith smiled, her arms crossed neatly behind her back, "I thought I had! Was I unclear?"

"Yes and no."


"You never join us by the campfire," he said patiently, though his smirk said otherwise, "There's no point in getting cold."

Judith let her eyes travel to the prone forms of her group. Karol has toppled over, his head now resting on Estelle's lap and Rita kept moving back and forth, bumping her head against the tree and Estelle.

"You never join them either," she said quietly.

"Then let's change that. Both of us." And it was said so sincerely that Judith felt her throat catch.

She could see no reason not too, even if she wanted one. But standing there, as an onlooker, watching them sleep, her heart felt sour.

"Well," she said, slipping by his side, "I suppose I could make an exception."

"I hoped you'd say that," and as Yuri curled an arm around her, she felt warm.
It was strange, how they fitted together, Wako thought to herself. They were at the beach, with Takuto racing ahead (backwards so he could wave at them) and Sugata walking with the ease of a man who owned the world. For a moment, Wako felt insecure, her sandals digging into the sand, like a child.

"Wakoooooo, hurry up!"

"Coming!" she shouted back, before turning to Sugata apologetically.

"Go," he said, smiling (a real smile? a fake smile? a secret smile? Sugata has many and Wako hasn't learned them all), "I'll catch up."

And she runs, knowing that she left a part of her with him and a part was going to Takuto.

Can such things last?
Merlin and Sherlock meet. Somehow.

This has been in my head since the first time I saw a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch and swore that he was Colin Morgan. Except he isn't.