I'M AT WORK SO I CAN'T SPAM THINGS but i love you so much i cannot even.

YOUUUUU LIGHT UP MY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE and I'm so very lucky know you and get to talk to you and just. yes. ♥
I AM THESISING, but! You are lovely and wonderful and funny and smart and glorious and I love you to bits! Happy birthday! ♥
YOU SHOULD KNOW IT TOOK ME LIKE HALF AN HOUR TO FIND A PROPER GIF TO MAKE THIS POST. I hope you're happy, this proves how much I love you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AGAIN. ♥ WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH MY LOVE. It's not like I don't love on you at the first chance I get or anything . . . But it makes me so, so incredibly happy to know you're such a vital and integral part of my life. I love that you've always been there for me for over two years. That you love me despite my flaws and that I can always say and do whatever I want, because I trust you to accept me and indulge me no matter what. I know I can count on you and that you'll kick me when I'm doing something wrong. I always do everything I can to make you happy because you're such a wonderful, lovely and kind person that you deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you and nothing will change that. ♥ I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE ALIVE AND THAT I CAN TALK TO YOU EVERY DAY. Thank you for being you.


Because I couldn't stop thinking about you when I saw it.

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Cry Annie my soulanimal.

♥♥♥ Honestly, dear, I feel all those things could be said in reverse. You have dealt with me with the same patience and kindness too and I would never give that up.

(...if I had any FE gifs I would post them :'()

I adore you, and talking with you and playing with you and you give light to my life! Yes you! You are a gorgeous little angel and you deserve cake and happy wishes and joy and all the love and cuddles and ninjas the internet can possibly give to you.

Mostly I just. I just need you to know.

I'm never gonna give you up.

god, how long have we been friends now? IDEK.


Happy birthday, honey! I am not a GIFfing man, but I would GIF for you if I could.

Or something.