why yes this is the super sexy hotline


- Life has taken a bite out of me. Between work and studies, it's surprising that I can still stand. Mentally and emotionally, I've been somewhat zapped.

- Finished Kara no Kyoukai! It was a great thing to marathon and simple enough for me to watch and not overdo it. Still, that epilogue was terrible :( why you do dis.

- I play a Swat Kat on the internet!!! And Tyson!!! Now if I can only feel that same joy for the rest of the dudes I play.

- Revisiting the Beyblade fandom is great but I cringe at my fics now. Still, I'm ... back into writing new stuff.

- WAKFU IS BACK soexcited.

- Writing again too! Albeit slowly, since lulz time but it's happening which is good.

- I need to post more :(

It's okay to have backburner characters if you're having a hard time mustering up some joy, in favour of new shinies! And you will always be my forever girrrrl.

...ha ha ha Beyblade fandom. Man, I remember THOSE days. Does Kai still get paired with everyone ever and Max sadly ignored?
Some things never change.

OH YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING AWESOME for the first time in ages Singapore got recognised as like a huge military ally in our actual news media due tothe earthquake and sending support here. (Because anyone who knows politics knows Singapore is, but it is rarely if ever mentioned over the US, so the common joe is all. 'LOL SINGAPORE????')
I know, and they have huge links to the NZ armed forces too, so it makes me happy that people are starting to notice. |D People... kinda forgot about it after the Cold War 'ended'.
YOU CAN ALWAYS TALK AND WHINE AT ME. You know how much I love you and I'm always more than willing to listen. ♥ Even if my days of going to bed this late are . . . over starting tomorrow or I will end up feeling worse. But I will somehow manage to talk to you or I'll painfully die inside. ;;


I have a lot of things to watch, man. And I love what you write. Okay, now I can go to bed for real.

. . . I should. I slept like 9 hours and now I have a massive headache. I'm going to start missing you a lot more now.

I love you, darling. DON'T FEEL LIKE THAT, THEY CAN TAKE IT. Also I'm tagging there late.

/loves on

If you ever want to talk, I'd be happy to listen ♥

.........Wakfu is back?? :D
I still want to know how you manage work/study plus being active in roleplay. Because my god you are amazing.