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- It's sad that sometimes, for all the good I do, it is inevitably balanced out by the bad things. The joys of being extremely self-aware is that I can counter that black feeling, but occasionally, there is that urge to wonder why I'm not doing better. I'm okay with the way I am! But you know. One should always try to be better.

- Also, I feel I should have more things to say about my life, but I don't and I find that saddening too. Sometimes, I feel I talk about RP way too much and that's all I ever become. It has become one of the only ways I know to deal with this strong loneliness I keep with me. Still, I don't want myself to be more than that.

- I am still failing at being a college person.

- After those incredibly depressing points, how is everyone else?
SEE I WOULD TOTALLY HANG OUT WITH YOU AND WATCH MOVIES but basically I have not met up with anyone since the school semester started in January, apart from during spring break. It's been SCHOOL FAMILY STUFF SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL FREELANCE WORK SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL for me :(

I'll be sure to let you know when I have a break!!
I am here for you, baby. If you ever need to talk you have my gchat♥
There is an Arabic saying 'yawm asal, yawm basal' which literally translates to 'honey day, onion day'. I wish I had the brainpower to be more coherent, but I'm 23 days behind the submission date of my thesis and it's severely eating me atm D: BUT I LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU. [sits on and snugs]
Honestly, I just call them "no good very bad horrible days".

And thank you ♥ I know I have it.
Honey, you know how much I love you and I can understand those kind of feelings. I'm sorry I couldn't find you tonight, but I hope you get plenty of sleep and that you're feeling better tomorrow. I BELIEVE IN THAT. And you know what I'd tell you regarding the college thing and everything else, really. But you'll always have my love and support, okay?