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fuck yeah bullet point posts

  • Have I mentioned I hate my college enrolling system? I registered 5 days ago and no response. Did it again and it tells me I'm late. Thank you worst co-ordinator in the world!
  • Also I love this icon. And yes I am stupidly excited for the X-Men movie. It has James McAvoy. What more can a girl want?
  • I use tumblr and plurk a lot. If you want me to add you on plurk, poke me here.
  • Speaking of tumblr, it's amazing how much cool stuff comes up on it and how moronic people can be on it. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS?
  • Also the TVD fandom is the most idiotic fandom I have had pleasure of meeting. It's so awful!
  • I need to post to LJ more. This is a thing I will do!

Also a gif on all our lives.
I don't think I've encountered a university database/etc. system so far that hasn't completely baffled me as to why anyone thought they were a good idea. :'D

... I also only ever use tumblr to look at other people's things now. BEST IDEA.

Also, thank you.
That's true. It's like they do it on purpose!

That is the best idea. Alas, if you could only filter out the annoying bits.

Let's talk TVD Fandom! I have ~*feelings*~ about the last episode and how people are reacting to it, I'm sure XD
Ha. Ha. Ha. When are they not?

But yeah, the consensus is that Stefan is not doing enough (he should be saving Elena instead of taking her up mountains and oh wait giving her emotional space and security for her last day as a human) and Damon did it for true love so clearly it is all right!

I am just. NO GUYS.
I mean like... I kinda get that maybe more planning should have gone into it than "HAY WE TRUST ELIJAH 100% NOW" but on the other hand, all their planning behind the backs of other plans has pretty much spectacularly blown up in their faces thus far XD

Also yeah, I thought that mountain-trip was sweet, and that he is taking care of her emotionally while she's doing her best not to freak out about things way beyond her years. Plus that he would turn her in a heartbeat but knows it's not an option for her right now and respecting that. I mean, what Damon did was just... incredibly selfish and centered only on his own needs!!!
Exactly! But everything Damon does is magically okay! Also it's creepy that they keep thinking that scene was hot.
..... seriously? I was sort of equating it as almost on the level of sexual assault. Total violation of Elena and her rights.
Siiiiiiiigh fandom. Just because he's good-looking doesn't make him right and honourable. And god, stop hating on Stefan for trying to be a good boyfriend above all else -_-
I honestly think the day Elena dumps Stefan for Damon is the day I stop watching this show. I HOPE IT NEVER HAPPENS. Or at least not without a looooooot of changes.