what a messy sky

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What do you do when your parents do everything for you?

[aka timmy is depressed]
I don't know, but I would also like to know the answer.

That said: [all my hugs]
*drapes on top of you. like a giant bear-skin rug. with the bear still attached.*
[flings self at and loves and hugs]
Lemme know how the flat-hunting goes if you are planning to get your own place! I'd love for you to come crash with me, but I'm in London now and it's a bit far. BUT IF YOU CAN GET OVER HERE, I HAVE A SPARE ROOM.
Ugh, I keep forgetting to check my flist. I love you honey and I talked to you after you posted this BUT STILL, you can talk to me anytime. Okay? Okay :B And I live too far away to offer anything else, but IF YOU EVER WANT TO RUN AWAY TO MEXICO, I CAN ADOPT YOU. I just love you a lot, darling. ;;