The Way It's Supposed To Be
When Valerian and Edge returned to their world, it was very different. Mostly because Edge decided instead of deflecting bullets, he was going to crush the gun (which he did) and dumped all the missiles into the ocean. Then he told everyone he was sick of this shit and they were leaving right now and gonna be farmers or something (Charles always told them it was something romantic, Erik said he didn't even register what he was saying). No one complained and no one went to Cuba for a vacation.

Which basically left Valerian and Edge with five kids to take care of (along with the visits from Lepus) in a giant mansion. Erik complains every alternate day about how he was leaving again and destroying all humans, and Valerian just says in his quiet, assured way that means 'you fuck this up, you're couched' "Right you are, dear."

Said helmet is gathering dust and Erik is sure the kids have been taking it out to play games with it.

Erik groused out one day, sleepy and curled up against Charles, that this wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Charles laughed, a soft ringing sound, and said, "Honestly? I never pictured it differently."

Erik thinks he can live with that answer.
And in chaos
The bell chimes and both Erik and Charles start from their bed.

"I didn't know that bell still worked," Charles mused.

"I didn't know anyone knew we were here," Erik grumbled.

They get out slowly, knowing that Raven will get the door. And sure enough the door closes and a bright voice is shouting down the house, "Valerian! Edge!". Erik groans while Charles grins, slipping on his clothes and shouting back, "We're here!"

"I hate you."

"Of course you do, dear."

It was a busy few days. Parrot said that Hank looked marvelous and Hank tried to throttle him (He's getting better at it, Charles assured Parrot and his abused throat while Erik congratulated Hank on a job well done), him trying to flirt with Raven (this time, Charles gave him the riot act) and him making woeful eyes at Erik which Erik conveniently ignored.

It was the last day. Charles promised to write and visit sometime soon, a subdued look in his eye, Hank apologized and Alex said he was getting a ponytail too. When it was Erik's turn, Parrot said, "Sorry."

Erik looked him in the eye and nodded. It was the best he can do.
Being a telepath, Charles had access to everything a person could think of. And when living in a mansion full of teenagers, he finds there's a common pattern. Sex and How Are Charles and Erik Doing It God Can We Stop Thinking About This?

After a while, he brought it up with Erik.

"Rope?" Erik repeated.

"Rope and other paraphernalia. Personally, I don't see why we need them to begin with--What's with that look on your face?"

Erik seemed to be deep in thought, "Rope, huh?"


"Oh, you're right, it's a terrible idea," he said calmly, going back to his book, "Not good for a stiff professor at all."

Charles frowned, "Stiff?"


"I'm not stiff."

"Stuffy, then."

"We are not playing the semantics game," Charles huffed, turning to his side.

Erik just smiled, shark teeth and razors.

The next day, Charles scrutinized the rope when he thought Erik wasn't looking. After that, he felt it out, loop for loop. Finally, he decided he couldn't be all that bad and trying something new was always interesting.

Erik grinned and kissed him so hard that Charles decided a little rope burn would be worth it.

(it was)
Orion couldn't love Kaon. It wasn't gloomy, just steel and steel, monotone all over. It niggled at him for cycles until he finally mentioned it in passing to Megatronus. Megatronus laughed, while Orion winced at his reaction.

"It's a good point, but not a pressing one and certainly not one we can rectify at whim, brother," Megatron says, grinning, "Still what would you do differently?"

It was a question Orion devoted much time too, too much time Megatronus said later, for it is just a city, his city and not Orion's.

"Why shouldn't the cities change as well? Shouldn't a productive environment bring out more qualities in us?"

"You sound as if we have none to begin with," Megatronus said sardonically.

"No. But if we are trapped, it is the place that traps us."

Megatronus looked at him. It always unnerved him how hard and long Megatronus gave him his attention. He was just a data clerk. Only that.

"Yes," he said finally, "You have a point brother."

"Kaon could be glorious," Orion said, "If we let it." He always felt an unknown thrill at using the word "we". It gave him belonging, a forbidden sense of it.

"Kaon is yours."


Megatronus laughed, "I'm giving it to you."

"But... Megatronus..."

He holds up a hand and Orion falls silent, "I will not argue this point. After all, this is what you wanted."

Was it? Orion found that he could not say it even if he wanted to. So he turned away.
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When they travel around the world, they make good use of their time.

By which, they may or may not be bombing knight camps with cherry bombs.

Yuri never stops laughing. Judith curls up next to him, content.

Flynn scolds them thoroughly. Yuri looks out of the window, whistling. Judith then teases Flynn that he was enjoying it too and Flynn was red for the rest of the day.

No regrets, Yuri says, nipping Flynn's ear as he leaves.

They go drinking and watch Raven hit on some barmaid. There's a twist to his lips, like a real honest smile. Judith wants to dance and drags Flynn along with her, to dance on the tables.

They still got kicked out, but it was fun.

Could every day be like this? Yuri asks outloud, leaning towards the sky, full of blue and grey.

It can be if you want it, Judith says, her eyes laughing, Do you want it to be?

Yuri pauses, muses and smiles, I think it's fine.
Ash crumples the letter and throws it away.

He regrets such a simple action.

Belus thinks of Ash, his misguided love and anger, jealousy and hatred. He thinks of the moves he makes across the chessboard and plots. Sometimes, he thinks of Ash when he was small and gullible and wished it would always stay that way.

Everyone grows up, he thinks, more's the pity.

Ash traces a line on a map. Belus was here, Belus was there. He would raze all of it to the ground.

He never thinks about the consequences.

Belus drops a clue along the way.

Sometimes, princesses need help too.

Ash finds Pamela's town and cheers. Belus knows he's there and sobers up.

Time for the game to begin.
Sherlock and Izaya and what they might consider a Christmas date |Da
"It's not a date."

John turns a page in his magazine, "Of course not."


"Not a date at all. Going out on Christmas for drinks and dissection."


John chuckles to himself.

Izaya forced him to see a movie. Quite frankly, Sherlock could have done without seeing Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer's backstory. It hit too many buttons.

Of course, that's precisely why Izaya chose it, so he shut up and made annoying comments about the factual implications of the movie.

Afterwards, they had dinner.

Sherlock asked when they were going to compare notes for their experiment.

Izaya simply said, "All in due time."

When Sherlock returned home, John asked, "How did it go?"

Sherlock grimaced, "You were right. It was a date. I'm never doing it again."

John laughed.
When Stefan first slipped into Damon's dream, it was by accident. Invading the mind was a power Katherine never described to him, so when his thoughts bent towards his brother, he didn't expect to see the world bloom into view. His brother, dressed formally, is leaning into Katherine's neck, murmuring words of love and eternity.

Stefan's heart catches and he burns the dream to ashes. When Damon wakes up in horror, Stefan soothes his brow and pushes his guilt away.

He found his brother at Monterrey. Damon was living happily, had a job, dating a girl with auburn hair and bright blue eyes, much like Damon's own.

If Monterrey was wiped out, they only had themselves to blame for it.

This time, Damon finds him. All the blood-letting, blood-spilling had left Stefan weary to the point of death. He shacked up in a cave, letting the despair take him. Damon comes to him, his face fever-bright and intense.

"Save me," Stefan croaks out, "Please."

Damon crushes his neck.

When Stefan wakes up, he's in Damon's arms. Damon is cradling him, on a train speeding to somewhere. Damon kisses his eyelids as they flutter.

"You're not allowed to leave. Not now, not ever."

Stefan rests his head in Damon's neck. It was easier than answering.
I WANT FLYNN/YURI POST-CAMP SOMETHING . . . with Vesperia polygamy taken into consideration because. Yes.


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When Stefan returned, Damon slammed the door in his face.

He opened it again, but Stefan was already gone.

Damon slammed the door again.

Damon finds Stefan in the Mystic Grill, nursing a drink. He realizes that Stefan looks like a stranger, like someone put in the wrong time, completely out of place. It wasn't like Stefan to drink during the day.

He sidles up to him, cracking out his best smile, but it freezes as Stefan's worn, hollow eyes.

If Klaus was alive, Damon would kill him again.

Still, Stefan smiles, aching soft, and for a second, Damon almost forgives him.

"Why did you come back?" Damon finally asks.

"Why does anyone come back?" Stefan says, laughing, "We do it to find something that's ours."

"I was never yours," Damon snarls.

"No," And Stefan cradles his drink in his hand, "You never were."

Damon thinks about leashing him, tying to the house, blurting out every threat, every promise to keep Stefan here.

But this Stefan, this lost, humourless Stefan, he wants to throw to the dogs and turn away.

"Are you going to do something about me?" Stefan asks finally.

"No," Damon says and tosses his drink back.

One day, Stefan kisses him in his sleep.

Damon pretends to sleep until the footfalls fade away. Then he jumps out of bed and ensnares Stefan in his arms, biting him hard in the neck. Stefan gasps, closes his eyes and lets him do it for his own reasons.

He pushes him down on the bed, love in his ferocity.

Stefan asks Damon, "Will you let me leave?"

Damon says, no, never, I'll tear out the sky before that happens.

Stefan nods, and his smile seems a little brighter.
Ghanima/Leto; four times they didn't give into having sex, and one time they did
Stilgar told them not to watch, a sign Leto had whispered into her ear, that he was just like the rest, thinking them to be witless children running in the dark. They huddled near the rock-hewn window, watching the orgy take place, the sharing and gathering, watched the Reverend Mother call to them, saying We all belong together.

Ghani saw nothing in it, just fools and fanatics draining hope, but Leto was entranced. Later, he pushed her into the floor, playful and serious, in his mind, rankling, We all belong together.

She kissed him and pushed him away. Wishes should not be encouraged.

One of Alia's priests complimented her, a real compliment, on the sheen of her hair and she almost laughed in his face. Instead, she whirled away with all her courtly graces, passing by Leto, who of course, heard it all. He had a telling smirk on his face, and it almost made her flush. Almost. She pushed him towards the bedroom to shut him up, but the smile, bright and fearless caught her so deep that when she had him, she couldn't move.

He takes her into his arms and doesn't ask the questions.

Leto lies on the floor, dreaming of their father. He never stops, always dreams of their father coming back, taking him away, soothing away their chaos and order with his rough palms. She knows that he looks at his hands, long and hard, trying to see the difference between their father and himself. Ghani had no such illusions, no such wishes to hide behind. Father left, the message clear on the sand, she did not want him to come back.

But she curls up behind his back, and soothes him, and wishes that Father would return at least for Leto, to take away his wishes and make them real. One night, he turns to, blue on blue on them both, and she sees his desire, his longing, but she says no.

It wasn't what he wanted.

When he takes the wormskin and when she marries Farad'n, they meet in the gardens. A haunting greyness fills their spaces and Leto stands behind her. The very action fills her with sadness. She had always been the one watching him, watching his back, watching every thought play on his face as if it was hers and hers alone. Now her back was to him and Leto saw all her gaping wounds.

Instead, he leans against her, and kisses her hair. At the very least, he was soft.

He tells her, I love you, I love all of you, but it was too late. Still, she takes him in, saying, we belong together. She smiled at him, knew that it made him ache inside. But she didn't begrudge him this. Haunting, sorrowful, but it touches him in his heart and she knows that nothing is forgotten and wishes come true.
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Happy birthday to you~

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